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What do you think the wolf is the most sociable looking dog?

Question ? what do you think the wolf is the most sociable looking dog and sociable than the one I mean like strangers. not the one who barked at strangers or to try to thought the Alaskan malamute? let me know what you think is the most sociable. and of course it depends on how the owner “train” the dog, but I mean général.Meilleure response: Answer by Anna Wendland

Jump to a humane society …… They usually have quite a few mutts that generate the appearance of being husky / loup.En Generally all dogs are social animals when trained properly. So you’ve answered your question there bas.Soit by the way … wanting a dog for a look that is just stupid.

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  • well a gray malutane Alaska siberean husky, or there is a race called sarloos wolfhound my brother used to freinds own1 his half German Shepherd and half wolf I’m not sure if thier nonsociable himans in addition to the bcuz sarloos owner I met, I went to thier house 2wice a week and it is very suspicious nd they say, he bites, he never bit me bcuz I think he may feel that one of im poepl those that animals like animals (some may say by how ur detection), it was very alert, but stil after i fed the treats he loved me, too, if u get a dog-wolf suspect just bring a bag of candy and give Somone who wants to pet him, he will learn,,,,, if somone is however mistreatful for the dog it can become suspect Agin, but if u do the right thing again food he will learn that some people are good some are bad th, they normally look to how u manage foreign to the door that is good or bad

  • If you live in a cooler climate, I would go with a Siberian Husky as they are generally more personal than Malamutes.Either of these breeds, whether purebred or crossbred, would probably be common in shelters. If you live in a warmer climate, a husky purebred, should large amounts of maintenance to ensure their health and happiness, so that a crossing would mutt or the way forward. Please keep in mind that when you are high energy dogs, they will tend to be more nervous and agitated in the shelters, mainly due to a lack of exercise, so be prepared for a cranky first weeks.

  • Siberian husky, hands down. The malamute is about, but I had more pain with temperament problems that Sibes.Si you plan to do one of these dogs to keep in mind that the Spitz breeds (best known for wolf research) energy dogs are very, very high. If you can not take the dog for an hour a day or more for a jog then you should reconsider owning one of these races, especially one of Nordic breeds.

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