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What does “individually trained” means in reference to assistance dogs?

Brighteyes Question ? What does “individually trained” means in reference to assistance dogs I am referring to the use of “individually trained” in the Americans with Disabilities Act definition of a service animal. Best Answer : Answer by aussie

I guess that means that the dog was trained exclusively by one person

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  • Some agencies teach classes of dogs as service animals. Others take the puppies and place them in a house where they receive one on one training. The second choice is the description of your individually trained.

  • The term “individually trained” simply means that a person has spent much time on this one dog, they were the teacher, caregiver, and most people around the animal. Training like this usually has several facets; dogs can be trained to listen to specific sounds to help someonen who is deaf or hearing challenged (to hear a phone ringing, the doorbell or someone knocking at the door , its unlimited scope) They can be trained to open the drawers to people, make their phones, pick up objects if dropped .. I’m sure you know what I’m saying. “Assistance Dogs” perform a task for many people who are unable to do particular things, it is a wonderful thing to do for someone who is like that … the dogs are very expensive and generally well cared for, most programs have monitoring controls to ensure that the dog is properly cared for, and right of the Fed and health checks are part of the program too … It’s wonderful to someone who is unable to take care of them themselves! Ginger

  • It refers to a dog that was trained on an individual basis. He had no “group lessons”.

  • one by one the classes .. it sounds like no group

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