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What happened to my “stay in the yard dog good girl”?

Question coconut Hollywd Boycott ? What happened to my “stay in the yard dog good girl” She jumped the fence and now prosecution of cars. What is new! It shepherd Germ 1/2 and gold 1/2 retreiv.Quelqu a known training “method” to stop this behavior? Best answer: Response by

electronic fence, dog training …. lets keep it for himself.

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  • treat it as you would for a child who has done something bad every time she does it for short periods of temps.peut be that it works?

  • Nothing less than a dog run, or a fence or barrier angle (angle inwards). An electronic fence will not stop a determined dog, and riders are generally determined closing. Not to mention they are cruel and there is no chance of the dog to return.

  • We used a new paper, I know it’s an old trick but if he leaves the court, I Smak paper on my han and he will come right away … You might need something with more training for your dog chase cars. very dangerous

  • I recommend you take a sort of invisible barrier. My grandfather has a dog he had just bought and is in a wheelchair and can not leave the house very well, he also train obviously can not. We bought him a sort of invisible barrier and it works great. It costed about $ 180. When the dog approaches the place where you configure the son of beeps and vibrates beautiful dog collar the dog. You can also set the dogs collar to give an electric shock, it will not hurt the dog, but is used for large dogs or more powerful. I recommend you take a check or at least for him, but it worked very well for my grandfather and me. Hope this helps.

  • The dog should not be in the yard unattended – make sure someone is there with her. From the commencement to the close, distract her, and her appeal to you. Praise when it is near vous.Emmenez on a leash and walk the perimeter of the yard, about 3 feet inside the fence. Allow him to move freely, not necessarily on your side. Once it crosses that mark three feet, say no, and bring in the yard. To do this consistently for several days. What you do is build a fence where she feels she can not get that close to you clĂ´ture.Rappelez, any training method is completely foolproof, and if she really wants out, she will. Therefore, make sure it is not left alone.

  • The leash or tie-out. Once they jump fences, it is very difficult to stop. And Chasing Cars will kill her (and the driver feel bad too). Leaves form around the car, a rapid and immediate check its behavior and discipline with a voice you can help stop that in the egg, but you must be immediate. Think how fast you react if she jumped at a week old baby on a blanket – it! Correct it immediately and in no uncertain terms. Hunters car should be treated this way too.

  • Store low-voltage Tyrolean Farm dog = security.

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