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What is a dog is “crate trained”?

Question Buju’s Baby ! What is a dog is “crate trained” ? It seems disgusting! Do you keep them in a box? I never heard of in Australia. I have an old shepherd 7 year German who has never been in a crate in his life. We had no trouble house training, and it is never his own. If I can not take him with me, I do not go not. It may sound ridiculous, but I love her to pieces. But to put it in a box, she knows it is “his space” – I do not think so. whole house is his espace.Il seems I am not alone here in Australia not to have heard of it. I guess that’s one thing American. It seems a bit drastic to moi.Meilleure response: Answer

by paintedrain2 There are kennels
son that the dog is kept, while the owner is away from home, or at night to prevent accidents at home. It is mainly used in the training house. The dog is kept in the crate for short periods of time, never long periods of time.

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  • You keep them in a crate when you are not with themand the night. No, it is not cruel! Mine love their crates and know that it is their space. They go into their crates on their own night.

  • Crate training is good for dogs who have problems with housebreaking. In other words, if you stick a puppy in a small environment, he will learn to ask out … because he will not want to pee and poop where he stands. I usually recommend it for emergencies … when all else has been tried and has not worked. It is very effective, and not cruel at all. If properly trained, a dog will actually feel the crate is a haven, not a cage. In most cases, the dogs go inside the crate to sleep and relax, even when it is open. This is a training system very emotional and positive

  • This means they stay in a crate when you are not at home during the night when you sleep, and when it can not be looked at and they will not potty in their cage.Edit: Crate training can also be beneficial to your puppy. It protects from entering things that could harm him. And, once the puppy is trained and you can trust him in the house unattended, you can stop putting it in a box. Some dogs love their crates … these are usually dogs who were trained and properly fund the cash is not used as punishment. Dogs are den animals and sometimes they like to go somewhere to get out and feel safe. An open body can act as this. Some dogs will choose areas in the house that can act as a den as under a table or behind a meuble.Voici an article that is brief and explains why crate training. It should not be considered dégoûtant.http :/ / / cs / basictraining / p / crate_training.htm

  • There are two definitions of being “crate trained” 1.They live mainly in a crate and pee and poop in the newspapers there are special pads or dog. They are just potty trained in a box, so they can not pee all over the maison.Il is actually not that bad, as long as the body is long enough for the dog to move. 2. The dog sleeps right on the box, so it can not go pee around the house. During the day, he has the race of the court or maison.C is a good way to train a dog, but does not readily form pot, as he can pee in the house during the day.

  • In fact, it is a good idea to train your body to pet. Dogs love having their own place spécial.La cage should be large enough for the dog standing at ease and move into the fund. A bowl with fresh water must be in the cage, blanket and jouets.Votre house can not be destroyed while the dog is in a cage until you get home.

  • this means that the dog is trained to remain in the fund from time to time. You start it when they are puppies. It is not cruel. Think of the wolves, they sleep in a den so that a crate is like a den for your dog. it is a safe place for them to go when they need to break things or a lot of noise. My dog ​​was in the boxes there with the doors open at night or the day all they want.

  • Crate training is a very effective method of house training your chien.Non, you do not lock them up forever in a box, instead you simply let them in there for some time. Then after a while your dog will associate the crate as their den safely. They will not go to the bathroom in their cage because dogs do not like doing that sort of thing in their living quarters.

  • I train my puppy crate …. I put it where I can not watch him. it’s just a big box essentiellement.Il son looooooves his cage. It is the den / safe place. His bed is there with her toys and blankets. He walks in there voluntarally sleep. It is his lit.Il is ideal for potty training bc, it will not go potty in there. It accelerated the break énormément.Il is not cruel by any means. My dog ​​only goes in there when he wants. It is now high time he did not need … but he goes in there anyway when he is there now endormi.Il sleep 🙂 with the door open so he could leave if he wants

  • Crate training is a safe and effective method of training your dog. The main reason for the rain crate your dog is to help the break. Crate training allows your dog to control his his eliminations. In other words, your dog will learn to “hold” instead of going whenever or where ever it needs. Dogs are den animals. What I mean is they like to have their own quiet and they will do their utmost to keep it clean. That is why crate training a puppy considerably accelerates the process of burglary. Your dog will not want to dirty his crate and will do everything not to do so, thereby increasing his control over his bladder and défécation.Cela does not mean you can leave your dog in a cage for 10 hours in a row! Puppies need to go out frequently éliminer.Si you leave your dog in his crate for too long and eventually eliminate in the crate, you will lose the best tool available to domesticate him properly.

  • Wow, I’m glad I’m not Mozart dog! The fund is primarily a training tool. NO, the dog does not live in it! It is used for a puppy or an older dog that is not even educated. Housetraining a dog learns much quicker when a box is used, rather than trying to hit-or-miss to get the dog outside when he should aller.La cash is also used when the owner must be away from home , and at night. This is usually done only until the dog turns out to be trustworthy and not have accidents in the house or tear into things when left alone. The pups are often crated until at least past the chewing stage, during which they can be very destructive and can easily injure themselves by chewing on something they should not . Many dogs really love their crates (they perceive as their “den”) and choose to sleep in the same when it is no longer necessary to fund them.

  • Crate training is mainly used for potty training and a place where you can keep your puppy while he continues to learn the do’s and don’ts of the house. If your dog is well trained you do not need a box at all. I have two dogs who can stay home without sacrificing something, however, the other must be occupied at all times and will use something to chew on things so bad for his safety when I leave the house He goes into his cage. It really seems that if (this is “HIS” space) a kind of comfort zone. So it all really depends on “your” dog.

  • Interesting. I am also from Australia and had never heard of crate training until recently, but apparently his fury in America. We always had in very well with our dogs and no cash and the dogs were always family members who do not have behavioral problems.

  • I am also an Australian and I’ve never heard of that. Obviously an American thing. My dog ​​is never caged. She has a beautiful backyard that suits him very well.

  • This is really not disgusting at all. I think your perception is that the dog lives in the fund and that is not the case. The fund is used primarily for small to help with house training in general when a person works. At 4 months I would not leave my puppy in his crate more than 4 hours and this is where dog walkers enter the picture. It was formed by six months the house and left locked in a room with the possibility of sleeping in his cage and one year had the run of the house. I did it both ways and much prefer crate training. When I travel, a dog is happy to sit quietly in the passenger seat, the female is on me, licking my face, shaken, not a security situation, it is positioned in the cage so she could see me and much quieter. Each to their own and for me it was a faster, easier to house train my puppy.

  • This is a method for Potty Training your dog. So basically, crate training is one way to limit their space inside the house while not being supervisé.Rassurez you, there is nothing about it whatsoever inhuman. This is the second puppy we have “trained crate” One thing I have to say is that the “box” is not a case of fruit wood. This is a folding metal cage which come in many different sizes depending on the size of your puppy will mature. (Some; While the family sleeps or leaves for shopping or whatever you have, the puppy is put in the cage with newspaper placed on the floor for easy cleaning. When you wake up or go home you immediately take the puppy outside so he could do his business outside, when you see him “do his business” outside, you praise him / her. The limited space is what ultimately causes the puppy to expect that he left “to go” if it has all the house to “go” in a corner. Finally, the puppy will become comfortable enough to get in the crate on his own (if the door is left open) while you are at home to fix, this is what is meant by “their space” in this time, it is more likely that trained must go outside only if you wish, you can get him / her a dog bed of their own. Once they are fully trained, you can remove the box from the living room / salon.J hope that this aidé.Tony 😉

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