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What is a good dog work?

Question : What is a good working dog My father learned to old boyfriends to look after his farm, he is eager to leave the farm for us. We decided to take the offer. . He left us 400 acres. 200 head of sheep, and the house. He takes his dog with him, as we gave him my house in town currently. I have my four dogs: 5 years acd male male border collie world2 years intacte8 intact male collie months frontière13 years Staffy / lab mix neutered my dogs a femelleTous learn to respond only to me, so my boyfriend does not have a dog, it is possible to circumvent the farm. We are looking to buy him a puppy / dog for himself to work and train. My boyfriend has lived with his mother in the city, they just had a mixture of laboratory 3 years that he played with training and such, but living in a family situation with children and nothing serious, it n ‘ could never really “train” the dog. He and I are looking for some advice on what would be best for him? Race? (Border Collie? Kelpie? Or ACD?). The puppy / dog would be purchased from a line of work, not show the line. Age? Should he start with a puppy, or start with an older puppy / dog? My first dog was my ACD. I got to 6 months old from someone who did not know how to do work, I threw myself into a very dominant puppy, and who had learned bad manners. In addition to being apprenticed for four years. Male or female? Other advice? All my dogs are reg. All my dogs have health clearances / get health certificates. All my dogs are tested / translated into clinics. I trained my dogs myself. I did not need a pro coach. My adult dogs have all worked in feedlots, worked poultry, sheep, buffaloes, bulls, cows border collies, etc. were bred for sheep, does this mean that there is no major border collies cow. No. ACD were higher for cows, does that mean they can not learn to work with other types of actions. NO.Meilleure response: Answer by Chelsie

I saw your message a little further. I have not responded because I think you are much more qualified than most people here to make this decision. You’ve raised several dogs that would be good and was a dominant dog with bad manners. If I were you, I watch the dogs you have trained, and choose the race of who you think would be good was the easiest to train you.

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  • I’m with Chelsea. You seem to know much more about this than anyone here.

  • The best working dogs who, when bred for breeding and that makes us proud is in their blood are the Border Collie .. ! X (:! Good | Luck on your farm x (:

  • Border Collie all the way 😉

  • think another border collie But why can not they be trained to listen too?

  • Australian Sheppard Border Collie

  • Why not just let your BF take over the 8 months old border collie? All your dogs need to be sterilized. Both of you need to find a sheep dog trainer to work with before trying to work the sheep. If you do not like, I can guarantee that both dogs and livestock is injured. You would need to leave British Columbia for eight months with a good shepherd to coach at least 3 months for training. After that, you need both to continue with the teachings of at least 2-3 days a week. The approximate cost would be approximately $ 500.00 per month to leave the dog in training, and lessons run from 35.00-$ 50.00 an hour, depending on the caliber of coach. ACD were bred to work cattle, sheep are not, so it’s out of the equation. And the lab is completely useless around the farm. Your BF will spend several months in training before attempting to deal with a flock of sheep.

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