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What is a normal sleeping/waking pattern for very young puppies?

Question by Jaci McD: What is a normal sleeping/waking pattern for very young puppies?

Thanks for all the great input on “potty training” the pups. They are 7 weeks old now and I am getting to recognize the “signs” that they need to go outside. I’m buying a cage/crate today. They seem to sleep quite a lot. Is that normal? The vet says they are healthy except for a little puppy diariah.

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Answer by nemochik1
Puppys and kittens sleep a lot. they are young and they need their rest just like human babies. So their is NOTHING wrong with them at all.

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  • They go to sleep, wake up, poop and pee, eat, drink, poopp and pee, play awhile, poop, pee and go to sleep, and this is repeated over and over all day long. More sleeping than anything, except maybe the poop;)

  • You can tell when they start to slow down. They just kind of lay down and look around. I had a pup here, in rescue, and he would tire and go down for a nap about every hour and a half to 2 hrs. Just like a baby, put him in his crate and he would sleep for at least two hours. If the house was quiet, he’d sleep up to 4 hrs.

  • if your puppies have diarea you should try this…. boil up some hamburg and then add some min rice to the water when done cooking it and make it equal amouts … feed the puppies this for a few days it should firm them up ( dont give them dog food until you see some firming it takes about 2 days to firm them up then go for another 2 days and on the 5th day do half kibble and half hamb and rice)…. this is an old breeders cure all … hope this helps !!!

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