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What is the best dog to keep inside?

question : What is the best dog to keep inside I’ve always loved dogs, when I was about 10, my parents took my brother and February 2 beagles me, we keep them outside, we loved it, they were super dog for about 2 months, then every time we let them play outside they ran off and they would not return for about week because they were dogs chasse.Je want a dog that can stay inside, easy to “potty train” is not great, a little dog dosnt Sheed everywhere, is affectionate, loyal and intelligent, what breed? Best answer:

Answer by Bob Ross
you obviously know nothing about dogs. simply because breed of dog is specific to certain jobs, does not mean that your dogs are hunting dogs. And anyway, they should not only ruissellement.La majority of dogs are well suited to remain at the inside, but they need daily exercise and training independently.

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  • Your dogs were not like that because your parents did not train, retain and manage your dogs. Surprised these dogs were not killed or been able to do more than one. Any dog ​​can stay inside. Lists http://www.pgaa breeds up to 10 pounds. com / dog / general / size.html under10Races # 11-20 # upto20Et please have a better owner that your parents were

  • Get a Shi Tzu! I have one and it is amazing! They become too large and they are fun to play with!

  • A Boston Terrier is probably a good match for what you recherchez.Gardez in mind, “easy to potty train” means that you must have the time and patience to train them. It is not a breed that will be able to train themself.

  • I agree with Rayven, your parents failed! No dog should be left outside! As for what race you want to do your homework. Small dogs are more difficult to house train! Go to the shelter, they have many great dogs and most are already trained. Those who are not, they offer classes.

  • They do not run because they were hunting dogs, they fled because your parents do not have to train and contain them. May be a Beagle dog perfectly inside if they are properly trained. All breeds of dogs can be breed indoors, and should never be kept outside for a significant period of time. Maybe an hour or two in the yard on a beautiful day it is, but to live there is erroné.Un dog is a pet, what they need to be with us as companions, not as lawn ornaments or “watchdogs” … Someone has already published a list of breeds large and small. I hope you will devote time and effort into this dog, unlike your parents did with beagles …

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