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What is the most intelligent dog breed the strongest and fair?

CreeOps Question : What is the most intelligent dog breed the strongest and faithful I do not like the dog you have or that “all dogs are different and depends on training. ” The ability to form and the natural force. Which dog is superior to all? … This means that is, with all these combined capabilities make the best response chien.Meilleure : Answer by

Border Collie, hands down

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  • Golden Retriever general. People will answer that question on their opinion, because there is no dog is above them all. Golden Retriever with an exact replica and training is extremely intelligent, strong, robust, and race very, very loyal. Its in their genes!

  • Either Golden Retriever or German Shepherd that I love them both, but I think you would like the German shepherd.

  • Which race combines the best attributes all three? I put my money on a doberman.

  • I have not got a collie, but they say they are the most intellegent. This does not mean they are easy to former.Dobermans are classified as one of the most intelligent breeds.

  • Border Collie is the breed most intelligent dog and is very loyal, but this race is also on top with exercise. you will need to exercise this dog about 40 minutes a day of playing time constant. I recommend this breed of people who live on a farm. if you want this breed please exercise or 40 minutes a day or your dog will be very unhappy. I do not think they are extremely strong, well race that you are probably looking for a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, who is extremely intelligent, loyal and strong. they do not need lots of exercise, but please do your research, because this breed can be difficult to clean and do not like being alone for very long! hope this helps!

  • Bordercollie a challenge, I un.Ce dog is both loyal and intelligent, probably not much force, but this dog really is seulcelle Search.

  • I would say German Shepperd because it is the police dog the most common and they are faithful


  • Any of the sheepdog. Border Collie. Catahoulas. Heelers. I Catahoulas is a highly intelligent breed – like most ranchers, they pick up things quickly, listen to everything, super loyal, positive attitudes, and can make you taxes.

  • I live on a farm and I am alone for weeks at a time. I have a Cane Corso that weighs just under 115 pounds. It is my “puppy” and my protector. We had a coyote come around a few months ago looking for my cats. We surprised him come to the corner of the barn. The coyote has not even had a chance to lay bare his teeth and never hit it further. My dog ​​tore his throat in an instant and immediately went to check his cats. This dog never leaves my side and must be chained or writing when I leave the property.

  • German Shepherd Dog! They have the intelligence of a 7 year old child. A bite of a Doberman, and take a bullet for you! It SO faithful! My German Shepherd learned to sit and stay all speak to four weeks. Go to my question and you will see … His “Is not she a cutie?” Lol! Their very clever!

  • There are 400 races, most in the world. There is no answer to this just personal opinion. And there is no better dog because everyone has different needs.

  • German Shepherds

  • The smartest: Border CollieStrongest: American BulldogLes more faithful RottweilerSi a dog was the best of all, we would not have hundreds of breeds to choose from!

  • German Shepherd all the way! Happy New Year and God bless!

  • all dogs are special in their own way

  • The Border Collie: I have unloyal, intelligent, cute, and very strong

  • CreeOps Well, have you ever heard of the South African Boerboel? It is best, without exception of race in the world of loyalty, strength for sure .. and is an intelligence supérieure.check it out,

  • When I saw your question, I thought “do not even mention the word dog to me.” I had the most terrible time with a dog voisins.Mais I would say to someone who looked like a dog properly, I would say “any dog.” In the right sort of middle of a dog will most likely behave, at least, I think oui.Ma sister has a “springer”. She is beautiful and so strong. It is built like a tank. However, she still jumps up people and my sister can not stop her doing this. She is very loyal to my sister and mopes about, if my sister is not there. My sister lives alone and I am glad she has this dog – it will always be correct, while his dogs there bas.Donc, I would say “a springer spaniel”, but make sure you get, he / she qualified . Love Frodonicey

  • When the list of your criteria, you omitted the most important and which is the dog must be genetically tête.Il noise in more than one dog breed that could be described as intelligent, strong and bonds closely with its human pack. The best dog is the right of individuals to the objective of having a dog and they are able to manipulate in any sécurité.Une person may receive a Fila, but this is not the breed for a novice owner and has very specific requirements in the owner, because it * is * naturally protective, and strong bonds closely with its human pack.

  • Sheepdog allemandils protectors are good, used by police, and will stick with you if you treat them right. they are also super intelligent, they also keep you on your toes and guard dogs make great partners and snuggle.

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