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What is up with these questions?

Question by Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS: What is up with these questions?

about making dogs into guard dogs, dogs that will bite and attack?
Are people just totally clueless about the behavior of dogs? Do they not realize what is involved in training a guard dog and the liability that they face if the dog bites?
There are very few people that can handle a trained “guard” dog and I really doubt these questioners have one tenth of what it would take

OK that is my little rant:))
Add: Ilovemystbernard—-I want your adorable puppy.

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Answer by itsme
Well you’ve seen some of the post in here, not sure if some of these people are even capable of taking care of themselves, never mind a

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  • I just don’t know what to say. It is very disturbing, I agree!

  • Its about time someone ranted. And this is why we have breed bans such as bit bull bans because of stupid people wanting a dog for looks and protection and nothing more.

  • I think if they are stupid enough to think they need an attack dog, they deserve everything coming to them.

  • They will learn their lesson when they end up getting all kinds of lawsuits on their hands and get sued out the a*s. It’s not fair to the dogs at all because of someone elses stupidity. But what angers me more are the idiots who answer the question telling them to get a pit bull. *sigh* when will people learn

  • I agree, I have been around dogs my whole life, but guard dogs are a different story. We have a friend that works K-9, and I dont even want to be around his dogs, without him there, they only listen to him and his wife. He is great with training and has given us tips from time to time, but I agree, I doubt these people have what it takes to handle one.

  • I agree with you 100% RR’s. People do not realize unless they have training in how to train a guard dog they will no doubt create a dog that will end up killed because it is a “bad dog”. I have a hard time answering some of these questions as I know I will probably end up with a violation…..again. People, let your dogs be pets and stop ruining them!

  • I’m with you rotten. it seems like there are a lot of people who want their dogs to bite and “guard” almost makes me wonder if some aren’t doing something in the home that they are not supposed too[druggies].too bad many of these dogs will end up in shelters or put down and the idiot who gave the advice on feeding your dog fresh raw bloody meat to help make him mean makes me ill

  • ” Stupid is as Stupid does” These people are just straight out Stupid. These prople can’t handle a dog or their selfs. Tks for the rant.

  • Your ranting is full of common sense. I was the proud owner of a Rottie that was just what you love the breed to be. She was friendly and social to both humans, dogs and even her kitties. She only barked at stranger cars coming down my driveway. When we adopted out Shepherd, she became best friends immediately. She was playful and gentle though I never doubted for a moment that she and her buddy would protect their family if the need arose.

    People who think that they are qualified to have a “guard” dog are the owner’s whose dogs you read about in the news after a family member has been mauled by an untrained dog. This has resulted in many dogs being euthanized and has caused certain breeds to be considered dangerous.

  • people are idiots

    a while ago I posted about a lady down the street who bred her pit…then dropped the mom and 3 puppies at the shelter

    well I drove past her house…and guess what I saw!
    an EFFING pregnant pit bull!

    I was SO angry!

    so yea, people are idiots, and I wish we could kick all of them off the earth and into mars or something

  • I really don’t think they realize whats involved in training dogs for these skills. They think it is the same as teaching a dog how to sit or any other basic obediance skill. They also don’t reilze how badly it can go wrong if the training is not done properly or if a dog with an improper temperment for the training is trained even when done properly.

  • It’s not just that people underestimate the dog it’s that they overestimate their own ability to safely train and handle a dog with that specific training.

  • For one of my dogs that I started in Schutzhund he is now 3 w/ 6 months I started training and socialization at the age of 8 weeks of age and at 5 months i was starting him in schutzhund it took me 3 years and so much money to have him at the title he is now SchH3
    I just wished they could understand how much training and money you need to have a protection dog and the insurance cost.

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