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What is your experience with the purchase of an older dog for conformation projection?

Question by breeders sell puppies View more ? What is your experience with the purchase of an older dog for conformation showing Or any other competitive dog sports, I’m a bit fed suppose.Je puppies πŸ˜‰ Of course, they are cute but what a handful! Have you ever bought an old “Trained” dog? How did he walk? What are the advantages and disadvantages? A friend mentor / mine bought a Border Collie finished (CH Hot Toddy AbFab) and he does very well for her, it’s incredible. However, I do not know what he is at home on a personal level with elle.Que do you think? Best answer: Answer by

Well, I bought a butterfly 1 1/2 years since my show dog. He had already been to shows and had a few points. He ended up working for me because I was a kind of new to show, so I did not have to worry about him more fears in shows, but I was able to teach and refine him in the ring on my own. He was impressive at home and quickly adjusted to life kennel at my home. Now he is retired after I finished it a few years ago and it’s just a little lapdog:] But it was really a positive experience with an older dog …. the only drawback was its former owner was very rough with him, and he was afraid for people to pick him … he scream or pee:. P, but I worked with him on this point and he never really hit home with the ring

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  • Well there’s the bonus of knowing what the dog looks like, not guessing what he will grow and devenir.Lorsque you buy a puppy, you’re always running the risk that something will fall apart as the dog grows, whether the dog develops an east-west front, or get a tooth through as adult teeth come, etc., etcAvec an adult dog already what you see is what you get. And usually, if someone sells an older dog show quality, it will be proven in the ring, both the quality and temperament sage.Attendez you to pay more for an older dog show so that you would a chiot.Il is no 100% guarantee a puppy will grow up to be a winner, if an adult dog is already winning, well … you have a winner!

  • Certain breeds of dogs adjust very well to be bought and sold to a new house. The show averaged Samoyed would go to a new home without looking back. The Bernese average takes months to adapt to a new manager and new life (and some do not adjust and just mope to death). If I saw one I liked Sat and j ‘ got money ~ I try to buy it. If I saw a Bernese I liked, I reproduce the (assuming that the pedigree is worthy). I had Sams flying adults to live with me and for me to show. They do admirablement.Je think it really depends on the breed.

  • I bought an all green 14 months (it is now 5 years 1/2). I wanted a man who would certainly commend my dog ​​and buy a puppy for something like this is a crap shoot at best. He finished with no problem and stuck very well for me. His personality and conformation were already easy to see if I knew exactly what I was getting a few things while with puppy can change many things. There are generally more expensive to get an adult, but you get to see what you get (I recommend asking for the preliminary round to do before buying) and you are right that the behavior should be more annoying puppy with. My boy was only $ 250, but that was because the breeder and I had a special agreement so that it has obtained the services of stud / puppies from him when I finished and got his health certificates. If you can work out a deal similar to the one, sometimes the prices are not bad, but keep in mind that you would have to deal with a co-ownership that can go either really good or really bad. If you enter a co-ownership, make sure everything is in writing and you have both signed copies of it. This rule applies even if the co-owner is your best ami.Si you get an adult, attach / her to your waist for the first two weeks to assist in bonding. They must stay with you so they can see you’re a true friend and it also allows you to see what they do at all, they learn the ways of your home.

  • It is always a gamble with the puppies. One of the aussie people here just had to put a puppy, she bought because it has matured missing four teeth.

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