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What makes people think it is ok to hit the dogs?

jaxchick23 Question : What makes people think it’s ok to hit dogs Do you avis.Je see people that do this and everything I can do is shake my head and I keep running into them and knocking them upside the head like they just made for the dog and see how the love. Why do people think that this is an effective way to train? I think everything he does, is make a fearful dog that will most likely end up mauling someone one day because of this crainte.J ‘have had personal experience with a dog “trained” to this way and he ended up in hospital for a week. I doubt it would have been so bad if I was not only 4, but when même.Je think it is wrong in any situation, unless of course, the dog tries to tear the throat. Dogs respond much, much, much better to positive reinforcement rather than pain. Just my opinion. Perhaps fait.Meilleure response: Answer

by Boricua
Call the Humane Society in any abuse of animals you see. You do not have to give your name, but you could save an animal life.

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  • only in some respects. Some respects, he trains, but others of his abusive

  • they have problems

  • The mentality of people never ceases to amaze me.

  • I have no idea, I do not understand at all. I’ve seen in some cases, a coach to use the leash when the dog had aggression that escalated into a dangerous situation, because then the dog will not hand shy. Once a dog is afraid of hands, it is very difficult to get on their heads.

  • People that animals (dogs abuse) are evil and not in terms of life, humans or animals. Look closely, they are the same people that babies, children and older abuse. They are cowards who can not prey on that what they see as “weak”.

  • Well, sometimes it is a training method, are you aposed to choke chains as well. If you go up and hit that person, they will lose control of the dog that you maul.Violence to animals is bad, but how do you offer them training. Now do not bite that person property if you plaît.Oui dogs respond to positive rewards, better or worse but different.

  • Training obesity at a young age is the best way to train a dog to do anything you want them to do. Dogs want to please their owners, but dogs are animals “dumb” so to speak. I agree with you about people who neglect and / or abuse their animals. To tell you the truth, I think they should be tués.Ma only suggestion to you for the abuse called “training” for any animal – if you see someone physically abused their dog, you should report them to animal cruelty. There are shelters animal cruelty in almost every county. In fact, I hate people like that. They may also be cited for improper treatment or neglect of any animal. We need more people to be aware and active about the abusive treatment toward animals and children.

  • It’s one thing to use your dog’s nose to sniff on the table and one for right to spank your dog. The consequences of spanking your dog can be very serious and people do not realize it. Hip displacia is one consequence is that the irreversible. People think twice!

  • People tend to think what they have learned. It is never acceptable to hit an animal. Take corrective action, yes … redirection, yes …. focus change, yes. But never has frapper.Les people who do it are either simply abusing animals, how they were abused themselves, or they are really ignorant. I do not know anyone who would say that it is acceptable to hit an animal.

  • look, it’s one of the veterinary training method.even suggest.and it’s not really hard just light enuf 2 make him understand.

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