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What should I do?

sami duhh Question : What should I do my dog ​​is a puppy so I think it’s like at the end of the training begin to hold her in. so please do not reply by saying “go do his educated”, but the thing is I want to sleep with my dog ​​beside me. and we get new wood floors put in soon. and in the middle of the night, she will get up and pee. and I take it right before going to bed. if it goes down to my bed during the night to pee, she could ruin wood floors. how do I want to keep him from peeing in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?!? I thought to put a canopy over my bed and tucking under the mattress. is that my best bet? Best Answer: Answer

by Nate M
good for beginners, you should try asking this question in the section instead of dogs in a video game section, you will probably have more info on this bas.Deuxièmement, where you do now dog pee in the night? Is it just go where ever it feels like it? If you learned to use a litter box or something similar it will use that if you do not clean it. Also, you can always teach an animal to do something reguardless of age you just need to correct for this inscentive fonctionne.Enfin, I would not do what you had in mind. If you’re lucky dog ​​you wake up and you would have to take it outside. If you have no chance the dog has to pee in the corner and go to the opposite corner to sleep.

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  • What does this have to do with the Wii. But to answer your question put some news paper to the point where it does not go on the floor there’s this thing you can put it down is like a slate to keep things in, c ‘ is like the bottom of a cage like a bird or rabbit cage. Put that down and put it in a newspaper. Your dog needs to pee in it.

  • Since this is the Nintendo forum, I suggest Nintendogs on DS? Practice makes perfect!

  • just because your dog is not a puppy does not mean you can not train him. it will just take more temps.t she get up at night to drink water? maybe get her water bowl after a say 7 or 8 depending on what time you go to bed. so she will not have more water in its system for some time.

  • ask this question of dogs or pets and you can sleep outside w. the dog … or you can yell at her when she pees and put his nose in shell eventuallystop hope

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