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What’s kennel training?

Question by LAKERS, ANGELS, & EAGLES!: What’s kennel training?

Ok so Im getting a blue nose pit bull puppy soon, similar to this one:

and someone suggested that I should “kennel train” him. What does that mean?

For the record, I love Pit Bulls, they are the loyalest, loving, most disciplined dogs today and I REALLY want one as a pet, not for fighting.
Yeah its crate training!

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Answer by Anya D
“kennel training”…did they mean “crate training”? i think those are one in the same. so they mean are you going to have a specific closed in area for the puppy to help housebreak him and keep him safe when youre not around.

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  • They are most likely referring to a portable kennel. They are used to transport your pet. It is good if your dog feels at home in its kennel so you should allow it to spend some time getting use to it before actually transporting it.

  • It basically means that you keep him in a cage (one that’s only big enough for him to turn around in) then let him outside to toilet train him.

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