Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

When adopting a dog, how did you respond? “This type of disipline would you use in training?”?

Question Magic : When adopting a dog, how did you respond? “This type of disipline would you use in training?”? I told someone I would use the building, as in …. tell them a command and when they do, give them a treatment ….. and repeat … and they laughed …… yet, his work ….. then how about you? Best answer: Answer by

Delissa G
i use this method and it works fine, but for some dog owners they like the clicker, and or choke collar. it really depends on the owner, what you feel works best.

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  • I do agree with the idea of ​​the chain choker. We had a dog who was strangled to death. While he was tied to the back of the ute, did not realize it was tied when the ute stopped, jumped out to go for a jog and my father and found him hanging on the wide side of the ute. Not a good idée.Je do however agree with giving them a treat when they do something right. Taught my dog ​​to sit, shake hands and look in a couple of weeks using this method. I really do think there another way?

  • patience and love is the key, walking with a light string when she was a puppy on a leash thats fine and now nothing has been the patient was inside, repetitive and process followed by love and praise has helped ..

  • We just want to make sure you do not rely on “spanking” or “send out” We do not mind what type you want to use as long as we do not think its going to be something could go wrong and against-productive training compagnie.Nous animals have had a lady she was going to fill all that said cesar too. We do not deal with cesar, but we all had a chuckle and thought it would work.

  • works great for me, I have a whippet of 11 months that I use on reinforcement (can not use something easy insults ruff). and he learned all sorts of things that people say will not make a whippet. I now teach him to get his collar off part of the plateau, when the time to have fun.

  • Be sure to talk about something that you should never hit the dog, using treats and teel the person that the most important thing on your list of training is “come”. This kind of determination to ensure the person your dog will not perdus.Bonne luck!

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