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When can you take out your dog?

Question by Fabian: When can you take out your dog?

when they say that the dogs have there “1st shots” does that mean that they got all their shots they need? and is “worming” included with that? Once they have their shots can they go outside for walks and stuff? and when they say you can just walk your dog, why is that? what is there to “train”?

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Answer by MedicalMatters
after 30 days and a shot

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  • You should wait until the puppy is 4 months old and they have finished their shots before taking them out, especially around other dogs. Puppies need a series of shots, not just the first round. Like with human babies, they need boosters to make sure their immune system is strong. Usually, this is done with dysentery and bordatella shots every two weeks from two months to four months old. It isn’t so much of a behavioral or training issue as it is a danger to your puppies health. Older dogs may carry diseases that do not affect healthy adult dogs but can be dangerous to your puppy (parvo, dysentery, and bordatella for example). You also cannot trust that every dog owner in your area is responsible enough to clean up after their dog, and dog poop can transmit disease. Taking your dog out in your yard, or to places to help them socialize can be very good for the puppies acclimation to different environments, but be very careful. Just because you can’t see the pee, doesn’t mean another dog didn’t contaminate where your puppy is sniffing.

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