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When do I need to put my puppy in her crate?

Question by : When do I need to put my puppy in her crate?

We have a 3 month old lab/terrier who we are trying to crate train. Problem is she sometimes eliminates in the crate even if shes only been in it for a few hours. We are training her on wee wee pads right now because she can’t go outside yet (hasn’t had all her vaccinations). She is very good with the pads. Her crate is located in the kitchen and the kitchen is gated off for her. If the kitchen is gated do I even need to ever close the door of the crate? Can I just leave her be in the kitchen so she can use the pads when she feels she needs to? I feel like if we don’t close the door on the crate we aren’t really “crate training”..
i guess my real question is do I really need to use the crate if she is already gated into the kitchen? She won’t go pee/poop in the crate if she has access to her wee wee pads.

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  • You have to get your puppy on a schedule. I would crate my dogs when they were puppies for no more than 2 hours at a time. Then I’d take them out to my back yard-which was safe because only they had access to it-and give them the command to “go potty” I’d just stand there and wait but didn’t communicate with them or play with them. I’d wait for about 5 minutes and if they didn’t go to the bathroom then I’d put them back inside the crate for another 20 minutes and then try again.

    I had a professional trainer who taught me this:
    Take your dog to the bathroom, after he/she plays, after they eat (about 20 minutes) whenever you see them sniffing around on the floor or circling their bodies around in one spot.
    Reward them after they’ve gone to the bathroom where you want them to go with a little treat nibble.
    If your dog is going to the bathroom in it’s crate, that’s not good. You’re unteaching him the very thing you’re trying to teach him by using the crate to begin with.
    You have to get your puppy on a schedule. Even if it means having to wake up in the middle of the night every two hours.
    I wouldn’t leave your pup stuck in the crate for 24 hours. Just when it’s time for them to sleep and when you’re not around to watch if they’re sniffing or circling around. You have to catch them in the act and distract them then hurry up and take them outside and let them go.
    I’d bypass the pads if you can find a spot outdoors you think is pretty safe from other dogs and cats from going to the bathroom at.
    If not, keep the pads as far away from your pups crate and where it eats dinner as you can.

  • you need to shut the door and lock her up. with her being so young you need to take her out about every 1 hour and everyday just add 30 minutes to and hour until she can hold it for as long as she can. my dogs can hold it for about 18 hours. but you have to have Patience. when you have her in the crate make sure you give her no food and no water. only let her have that when shes out running around. and when bed time comes have her sleep in the crate. with no blankets or anything because if she goes to the bathroom it will just soak in and dry. but after she gets trained you can put her a blanket in there because once she learns that the crate is her safety hole. she will not want to go potty where she sleeps. Yeah I know it sounds mean but its the olny way to do it unless you want to pay some trainer to do it and they will do the same thing.

  • Your puppy should be put in it’s crate anytime you can not supervise it. Restrict your new pup to tiled areas in your home only. Use babygates to accomplish this. Puppy proof this area.

  • You have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. She can be taken out into your yard/garden, however she should not be be allowed to go anywhere that could be contaminated by other dogs until she has had all of her vaccinations. If you were a baby you would pee in your nappy/diaper regardless, she has no control at her age . You cannot leave her in a cage for a few hours and expect her to hold on.

    Yes she will eliminate in a crate because she needs to pee at least once an hour. She needs to be taken out at least once an hour, after she wakes up and after she eats or drinks.

    Crate training is not magic and it will not help a tiny puppy to hold on, she is incapable of controlling her needs to pee and poo. Imagine a human baby who wears diapers/nappies, they fill a nappy several times a day.
    I hate the thought of locking a puppy in a cage, they cannot cross their legs, they need to pee and poo outside.
    EDIT Cutie 200. I cannot believe that anyone would try to make their dog hold on for eighteen hours. Get over yourself your dogs will develope bladder problems and will feel lonely and unloved (which they are).

    If you do not know how to care for a dogs, stop giving stupid advice.

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