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which of the following is an example of “training” versus “education?”?

amoney5530 Question ? which of the following is an example of “training” versus “? educate “ a.have the student a brief sitcom called” enemies “in which they play the role the various risk factors that contribute to disease cœurb.teaching a dog to search a name bâtonc.setting bone in the skeleton of “my favorite thing” from the sound of music “d.have guest speaker at a conference about his experiences as a sampler which draws the blood of patients with impaired response mentauxMeilleure : Answer by Kajun

A and B are training exercises, and C and D are educational exercises.

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  • The answer is B.

  • a. Education b. training c. I do not know what you speak of here. education

  • a. the éducationb. formationc. education by formationd. Education

  • Is this a trick question? They can all train and educate.

  • I would say “b”, because you are training the dog to fetch a stick through the process of repetition, with or without a reward to do it properly. The other three examples are education, as they are with learning experiences, “d”, and creativity in “a” and “c” Dogs can not rely on past experiences, they are not creative.

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