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Why can not people understand that dogs like Pitbulls “” are dangerous animals.?

question by Anthony S .? Why do not people understand dogs as Pitbulls “” are dangerous animals People keep telling me that crap that “if adequate training ……” but I do ‘ buy it. these animals were bred to kill [DONE]. Why do we allow to continue ownership of these animals? I understand that I am not trying to eradicate. I just want a way to achieve certification before someone one can possess one (like a gun). Is that so unreasonable? While I understand that you are responsible for any display of dog owners dogs can not be equated with weapons. they are their own thinking, feeling, emotional entity which can ultimately do what they want regardless of training. But to all of you with whom I have offended by large and (to a degree) unfounded generalizations, I apologize. I know now better. But the reason I raise this issue at all was this past weekend grandfather of my friend was mauled by two pitbulls almost killing him. I just feel that aggression and power inherent in these animals is very dangerous. And with great power comes great responsibility (that you all hit me on the head). But I agree that these dogs are “cool” to have and are not controlled / trained properly. So with that being said everything, I think I’ll talk about anger. poster.Meilleure Please answer : Response

by gin
I agree and I am désaccord.ETA – I agree with you about these dogs are bred to kill., I know, you know – but all these other posters can deny all they like. Pit bulls were bred to be real good fighters. Any dog ​​that did not fight well or show aggression was shot (ie killed). It may be different now but this is how it has been for hundreds of years, any façon.Je’m not a fan of the regulation of the rights of the person / property.

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  • I agree that there should be something done to ensure that these races do not fall into the wrong hands, but I disagree that they are automatically dogs dangereux.Première “Pitbulls” is a category which has several different races inside. APBT Each I met were very friendly. Sure, they were bred as fighting dogs, but that just means you have to work hard to make sure they are socialized with other animals. They have not been trained to harm people. It is not in their nature. This is a trait formé.EDIT: What Rat Terrier? They were bred to kill too! Do you think they are dangerous dogs? Probably not. Bred” kill” does not mean anything, unless they are bred to kill human beings, which dog breed is.

  • Your arguement is weak grasshopper. It looks like stereo typing for me. Not all pitbulls are tough animals.

  • If your trying to isolate pits as trained to kill, you would have to worry about tons of races. Dogs have been domesticated to hunt and kill in the first place, as well as for the company. And no, a pit is no more dangerous than any other particular race if formed, race, and raised properly.

  • It depends on how you train your dog, I have a friend who has one of these “fighting dogs” and the dog is very friendly and love children.

  • I totally agree with you! and people do not understand why because people are stupid! … lol jk, but yes, I do not think it’s unreasonable at all

  • You do not stop a gun manufacturer because someone fired. You stop the person you tiré.C is the same for dogs: There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner / handler / breeder, and this is the responsibility incomber.Lois licensing should be more strict in general. If tougher laws are applied then it will not need special permits to possess some races.EDIT: “Last weekend grandfather of my friend was mauled by two pitbulls almost killing him.” Sorry, this is ALWAYS the fault of the owner not to coupling / retain or keep them in a secure, fenced yard.

  • In fact, your wrong. I understand why you say that, but pits are not really the most dangerous dogs there. I know several and they are some of the sweetest dogs themselves. As long as you get them from a breeder who raises a sweet temperament, they are amazing. The problem happens with stupid people who do not know what they do. Yes, I think they should regulate who can get them, but it will only make it more difficult for those involved to get them. The guys who train to fight violate the law anyway that matter to them. Check your “facts” before you say stuff like that.

  • its ignorant people like you that ruin good things for others

  • A friend of mine had a pit bull great man who was a really cool guy. They also had three cats that live in the dog around and kept online. He seemed to respect the cats and was almost afraid of them at once. There are good and bad

  • I have 3 pitbulls and I was able to train whenever they are nice I give them a treat when they bite and I locked in a cage for about 3 minutes, they hate that

  • U are not so bad guy I’ve been around pit bulls since I was the age of cant u understand that it is our pets like rabbits or any of what other, I have two pit bulls and a cocker spaniel and they are all well trained and live together in the house! So please, if u do not like it stay away please! my cocker just had small buds and my 60 + lb pitbull love, he licks them, they climb on it .. He can get the ball, he knows he can do the word in the cage is ur very sweet any child who comes over him, he is a big baby luves! Ur just a racist race, I think think just cause u dnt like this about my pet pitbulls just because someone like u think there is obviously bad if a dog is not trained, it be wrong! So please rethink ur statements! Thank u!

  • They were not bred to be monsters control. Many, if not most working breeds, were bred to kill something. Terriers in general were bred to kill a certain extent. It is quite ridiculous to distinguish pitbulls as a breed. The fact is that any dog ​​can be turned into a dangerous dog through training / abuse. Pitbulls are really no more inherently dangerous than other breeds.

  • I agree that most people are too stupid to owners of these dogs, I’m not sure more regulation is the answer. I have a long history of dog owners (obtained veterinary records), but local shelters wanted home visits, home inspections, meet my family etc. Excuse me, no. I knew a young couple fell a dog for their little boy, because they were not married. Another reason my house unsuitable is that I have a piscine.C is a slippery slope you walked when you start trying to sanitize the world in the name of security. You lose the rights, fast. Cars kill more people than dog owners to manage the most irresponsible. Skateboards, skiing, beer, you name it. Life has risks and a portion of this risk are our neighbors stupides.Vous can not ask the world to be totally safe and all your choices carefully managed by the government. This is even more absurd than some delay with a pitbull. (And you retards with pitbulls know who you are)

  • You may be sick of hearing what you want, but not all pitbulls are dangerous. It depends if they are raised properly and if they are socialized from a loving home and non-violent. The attack comes from inbreeding. Why do people not understand that these poor animals are tortured, chained, cut, forced to fight for their lives and are discarded and forgotten after torned share in dog fighting? Regarding certification, which could be achieved by a hunter dog nonconvicted as easily as anyone else. I think our justice system is a step in the right direction when it comes to punishing the dog fighters. I know in my area, we have advanced lines that anyone can call and give information about illegal dog fighting. If we can stop fighting and abuse and poor education, aggression can be controlled. Good breeders breed improvement, then maybe certification for farmers aggressive breeds would be a better idea. Good breeders also examine the people who buy the puppy.

  • Firstly, I agree something must be done to keep these dogs on the wrong hands, but these dogs were not bred to kill people. They were bred for bull baiting, which led to people “opponent” against each other. In general, they do not agree with animals, however. These dogs are intelligent and if given the chance, make wonderful pets. As with all breeds, there’s bad blood because people want larger dogs and they are nasty personality defects as macho. My Pit is a rescue who was severely abused. She had nightmares for months after it has been saved. The guy was arrested and charged for it. My dog ​​loves everyone, and that is as it should be. The only thing I can tell you is to educate yourself about the breed. There are several respectable websites.

  • Please learn more by visiting this site: before you vilify a dog as a pit bull, please make sure you even know what a pit bull looks like this:

  • I have owned several pit bulls and for the most part, they were great. Everything was very well trained and well mannered. Most were great around the whole family, children and other dogs, more animals ferme.MAIS I did a clean which was overprotective older than me and would attack anyone he thought was threatening me and took of other dogs 6 weeks. He came to die of parvo even if vaccinated. He was sent by God since I would have to shoot him. Problem is wanta be too bad boys look cool dudes get this type of dog and encourage them to be wicked. It’s cool to have a dog with a big macho attitude you know?! This is not the only dog ​​that causes the problem. There is bad in all races and races, as well as good.

  • I completely disagree, pitbulls are not born to kill, they were bred that way by bad breeders, if bought at the right breeder and if you know the dog comes online they can be treated with respect and become large animals. I do not think you should have more of a normal dog license to possess, just to raise them.

  • Any dog ​​can kill good size. Rottis, Bull Mastiff, German Sheppards. People who say “if it is well formed” is not shit this is true. Pitbull dogs are bred to fight, his blood, so people should know not to approach a Pitbull grown like you would if it’s a Labrador, for example. The dog is not the problem, it is the owner. I do not know about the certification for pitbulls. Criminally punish the owner as you would if you owned a gun and killed someone. You do not blame the weapon you?

  • Pitbulls are not really human aggressive. Even when used in aerial combat every dog ​​owner will be held in the ring. Some of the top drug dogs in America are shame, Sergeant Stubby was the first dog ever to climb the ranks in the military and millions saved lives in the First World War and he was a pitbull, a woman opened the door must be popped by a man with a gun who tried to rape her, it Pitbull hit the man off and held him on the ground until the police came to the man who the lady jumped sufferd injuring his little dog, a three year old child playing in the back yard when he stumbled upon a rattlesnake Highley poisoness the family dog, a pitbull, hit the three-year track , to save the lives of children and lose sienne.Maintenant moi.Pensez tell you these dogs always heroic should be banned?

  • I agree 100% with paintedrain2. I know people with pitbulls and they can easily be gentle and playful. Dogs are not automatically born as killers of man … property poor training, and let them become the pack leader is the dominant problèmePittbulls should not be owned by anyone who does not fully understand the breed and its requirements. These dogs need plenty of exercise and if you are not ready to guide them or give them 45 minutes to an hour of exercise per day, then you have nothing to possess. The real problem is sterotyping and knowledge very poor.

  • Dogs that are “hazardous” are formed in this way by their owners. You say thats a lot of crap, but not technically! My dog ​​is a pitbull and they have instincts vicious, but if you train them they can be broken. And I think you’re reasonable, but this statement is a [DONE]

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