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Why do kittens automatically use a litter box when provided?

Question by dog8it: Why do kittens automatically use a litter box when provided?

Puppies p*ss and sh*t all over the place and require “training”,but you only have to show a kitten her box once and she understands what it’s for! So who is smarter?
Andyg77,what I said about kittens definitely doesn’t apply to older male cats that need to be neutered! They for sure do p*ss everywhere,marking their territory!

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Answer by permanent_denial
Cats have a different kind of intelligence to dogs, in my experience with cats and dogs (I have to admit it’s kind of limited to my own and friends pets) dogs learn through play, while cats appear to ‘think’ about things and ‘consider’ them, so learn a little easier.

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  • CATS!
    they can also clean themselves. 😀
    and they are also sooo cute!

  • Using a litter box is actually instinctive. In the wild, cats learned to bury their feces to hide their presence from predators or rivals. That characteristic remains ingrained in our domestic house cats.

  • I’ve had both, and cats are definitely cleverer than dogs. People say that dogs are smarter because you can train them to sit and stay and shake paws, but that just proves to me that cats are 100 per cent smarter because they REFUSE to be trained to do silly tricks! Not only do they do their business in a tray or in the garden, they cover it up afterwards – AND they clean themselves all over too, whereas you have to bath dogs all the time. I love cats and dogs, but there is absolutely no question which has more brains!

  • Cats have a natural “want” to dig when the go to the toilet. The litter in a cats litter tray gives them ideal stuff to dig in and do their business. They like gravel-like stuff to dig in, like the litter. They also like stuff like mud, which is why my cat keeps peeing in my mums flower pots! LOL
    I dont think its down to intelligence, just natural instinct.

  • Don’t be too positive little kitty isn’t doin’ a little p-p all over the place. My son had a cat with litter box and thought everything was fine until he stayed home from work a few days and found kitty doin’ his business, here and there and everywhere. You can get a black light and check. Ended up costing my son about $ 2500 to replace carpet, had to do the entire house.

    Someone said that if kitty senses or smells another cat near the house they will start remarking their territory.

  • I have a great story for you. I was working for an answering service, we answered for a lot of vets. People were always calling in saying that their dogs ate this, their dogs ate that. Whatever. (Dogs are allergic to chocolate and they ate that a lot of times.) We would never get calls telling us that their cat ate this or that. My co worker said the same thing, “who’s smarter?” I wonder. 🙂

  • House cats work on a different set of rules than dogs do. Dogs are pack hunters, who often rely on their scent and the scent of their droppings to lure prey into traps (one dog may chase prey into a pack of dogs, which then the prey and feast together). Cats are solitary hunters, and rely on surprise and speed to capture prey. They don’t want prey alerted to their presence, so they bury their feces, and groom themselves extensively (cat spit is an excellent deodorizer; their baths are part of how they conceal their scent from prey).

    It’s not really a matter of which animal is smarter, it’s just a matter of their evolution. For example, cats might prefer to scratch your furniture instead of a scratching post, even if they get the idea of what that post is for. The simply prefer your favorite chair because it has your scent on it (and they like you) instead of the impersonal scent of a scratching post.

  • no cats can remember that u showed them there litter box. but sometime u may till need to still show him or maybe u have a smart kitten that just needed to see the litter 1st.
    its not suppose take long to show a cat where ti sh*t and p*ss
    it just remembers

    mandy m :o)

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