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Why do people assume that all service dogs / guide are “in training”?

Question Polly ? Why do people assume that all service dogs / guide are “in training” I use a guide dog. Whenever I’m with her I wonder if I’m training. It is not in training (it was a guide dog for two years now), and not misbehave the tout.Je not understand why the public seems to think that these dogs always come in and do training never go to a manager of people handicapées.Mon friend is always asked if his dog is in training, when it is not. His dog did not look young like mine, it is aging. So why so many people assume that assistance dogs in public are just in training? Best answer: Answer by

This is a diabolical conspiracy to undermine the credibility abroad of working dogs. When the whole world believes that all dogs are always in training, this is when the invasion begins.

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  • They are clueless.

  • Maybe they do not think you look disabled enough to need a service dog, which you should take as a compliment.

  • Are you off course? If it is not clear, some people may simply believe that you are a trainer / manager for a dog is in training to become an assistance dog / guide.

  • People do not think that dogs are still in training. This is probably because you do not look like you are disabled enough to need a guide dog. Your disability can not be easily visible to people so they assume you training the dog. Most people think that only blind people use guide dogs, when the truth is so much more people use them for various reasons.

  • Do you “like” you need a guide dog? You do not specify why you are using, but if you “like” you would not need, it is not surprising that people might think you were just training chien.Je do not think most people ask someone who was obviously blind or disabled in some way if their guide dog was “in training.” But if the disability of a person is not immediately obvious, I can see why a stranger would think that their guide dog was just a dog “in training.” Anyway, I do not think people really hurt, and may just curious. They probably have no idea what bothers you, or you get the same question all the time.

  • Not everyone knows how long the training prend.Peu people know about chose.À high school there was a service dog out there with a daughter, four years after the dog has not right, most people if it really was in training because of the way the dog acted, I knew it was formed it has a terrible temper to be a high school.

  • and I can say that people simply do not pay enough attention. I have a therapy dog ​​and everyone asks me if it is a service dog in training and when will I give to the haut.Donc, I really do understand. When people see a dog in a store they think of people in a wheelchair or being blind to need a service dog. I’ve seen people who are def and people will come right at them and ask them your dog is in training. Although nobody can entendre.Je just called because ignorant people do not really care. Most people just think about them for yourself and others not. I work in a grocery store and see how many people are like that all jours.Mais there is no reason why people really just ask if you are not blind or in wheelchairs, they ask you because you do not look like you need a service dog. Well hope this helps a peu.Je know I’m sick of questions too. Have fun with your dog and I hope it keeps going well for you.

  • It’s not all service dogs they assume this, but those with managers whose disability is not obvious to the person asking the question. They assume that if they can not receive a disability that the person should not be disabled, ergo the person is a trainer and the dog is in training. They fixed a stereotype in their heads of what a blind person is like, and assume that if the person does not wear dark glasses and bobble head like Stevie Wonder, then the person is not aveugle.J ‘have a brain injury and epilepsy. So, my disability is not obvious either. My service dog just turned 11, has cataracts, gray hair, and walks like an old man. They still ask me if I’m former.D the other hand, I have had people assume I must be blind because of my dog. It’s hard not to laugh while you read the fine print on a label may be that the parent tells the child that the dog with the lady because she can not see. You know the child has to wonder if the mother is bonkers cause it can not see me any small print without glasses or anything soit.modifié to add: I understand the comment about it being a compliment was actually and kindly, but I think he deserves a comment because it is a common misconception about people with disabilities. A person with a disability is not less than a person without one. I do not want to spend time I have not been disabled, nor did I spend it wishing I had straight hair. So to say that I do not look disabled is not a compliment or an insult. It’s just weird. Like going to a woman saying, “you’re not a man.” I once found in the “is it in training” insulting comment because, as the applicant, I felt that this meant that my dog need additional training, as if it were something inappropriate. I know now that the issue is not intended to be insulting and that the person is just curious and uninformed about service dogs and with Disabilities.

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