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Why do such dog owners exist?

Question by : Why do such dog owners exist?

I was taking my Akita puppy to the dog park and everything was going fine till these crazy chihuahuas (a pair) ran up to her and almost bit her! She snapped back in defense and that is when I ducked down and scooped her up to keep her from trouble (and boy–was she heavy!). The chihuahuas kept jumping around me trying to get at my akita’s tail and everything until the owners ran up and DIDN’T apologize.

This is the conversation:

Chihuahua owner 1: I saw that! Your dog tried to snap up ours!

Me: (grunting from Ming-Ming the akita’s weight by now) Excuse me, sir, you must be quite mistaken.

Chihuahua owner 2: Oh, and how are we mistaken?

By this time both owners had scooped up their pooches and were cuddling them and saying stuff like “It’ll be all right Princess,” and “Everything’s OK, Chico”.

I let Ming-Ming down and kept her on a short leash.

Me: Your dogs came up aggressively to mine first, and it’s not my dog’s fault she tried to defend herself. I did my best to avoid an altercation by picking her up even though she’s heavy.

Chi owner 1: You know what? You should just keep your rabid *** of a dog away from others, all right?

Chi owner 2: You are so lucky Chico and Princess weren’t hurt, otherwise, we’d sue you.

Me: Sir, Ma’am, my dog is not rabid, she is just a puppy. I am trying to socialize her as best as I can by taking her to a dog park but unfortunately this incident with your dogs has made it unpleasant for her. And you’d try to sue me, a minor? How old are you both?

Chi owner 1: This is why we don’t own big dogs.

Me: Look, the problem is not big dog or small dog–it’s the handler. You two are being completely irresponsible by letting your chihuahuas off leash when obviously they have a serious aggression problem. It’s owners like you that make breeds like the chihuahua look bad.

They still tried to defend their crazy chihuahuas and were all like, “Your dog is horrible and blah blah blah,” and that they had no reason to keep their “well trained” dogs on a leash at the dog park.

(HELLO? Attacking chihuahuas: off leash and crazy vs. Defending Akita puppy: on a leash and frightened–I pretty much think that I’m the more responsible one here!)

I was pretty pissed off by then, and the argument broke when some other dog owners came to my defense. Then it became pretty late so I headed back home. I am still so ****ing angry from the whole incident, I practically wanted to rip my own hair out! Even more angering was the fact that those two wackos were our NEW NEIGHBORS!!!

Really, why do people like this exist?
@GLENDA: Is this because I made the conversation in scripted version? I kind of don’t get how your answer relates :\
@angeloneous: Good point.
@There is No Cure for Ignorance!: If those new neighbors are gonna be there, then I’m not gonna use the dog park anymore. High-five for your answer!
BTW those two chihauhaus were really named Chico and Princess. I’m not kidding.
@finnigan: I know, right? But I picked up my “giant puppy” on an impulse. I didn’t even know what I was doing, I only wanted to defend her.
@dezzi: It’s not scripted. It’s real. The only reason the dialogue sound a little dramatic is because I wrote the it the best I could remember it…and possibly because I take all those creative writing classes. Better watch yourself the next time you jump to conclusions.

Best answer:

Answer by GLENDA
…………………… and the Oscar for the best actor in a dramatic part goes to …………….

Save the drama for your Momma ! ! !

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  • There are people who don’t supervise their pets properly and those who don’t supervise their kids properly. Those owners were in the wrong. That doesn’t make them responsible owners or sane, just loud and more difficult. The only recourse you have is to put a loose basket muzzle on your pup when you go to the dog park so there is no possibility that she might snap at the other dog. An Akita is a known aggressive dog, kind of like a pit, and it doesn’t matter if she is on leash or not if she bites another dog and causes damage, you are still at fault because you couldn’t stop it from happening. The chihuahuas could have bitten her and it not be a big deal because she can shake it off, but if she bit one of them it could be life threatening. Try the basket muzzle. It will let her pant, drink, and act normally but prevent any snapping. Your only other recourse is not to take her to the dog park.

  • That is why i would never use a dog park .
    Keep your dog safe do not use dog parks .

  • People who are like that are IDIOTS! all they do is complain, they are in there own little world where they are always right, I have a puppy my self and she is a little jumpy but not harmful, I am worried about the other dogs. Dogs are wonderful but sometimes the owners are horrible.

    People are saying in studies that dogs reflect there owners personality, If the owner is loud and hurtful the dog will be skittish. If the owners let the dog do what ever it wants like biting then the dog is going to bite.

    hope I helped 🙂

  • This is why I have never stepped foot into a dog park,not only are they filled with crazy owners,there filled even more so with out of control dogs and diseases galore.

  • woooooaaahhhh! they are your neighbours too?? wow they seem really disgusting to ,e and why would they have the nerve to say that theyd sue you when theyre dogs tryed to attack your dog?! wow they obviously have issues and dont deserve those chihuahuas the! sorry dude that happened to you tho.

  • This whole story sounds quite scripted and stereotypical.

    DO NOT USE DOG PARKS. Plain and Simple. They are NO GOOD.

    They are nothing but cesspools for dog fights, diseases and ignorant dog owners w/ tempers. It’s like going into a bar with a bunch of drunk angry disease spreading ghetto as*s people, that have never seen a sniget of discipline in their life, the same for their dogs.

    Rather your dog started or not, which according to this almost phony sounding story it didn’t, your dog will still be most to blame if something were to happen because first of all, the dog is larger, secondly, your dog can do more damage and thirdly, it’s considered a primitive, dog aggressive or dangerous breed.

    All to many times I’ve been to dog parks in the past with my Pit Bulls and have had ankle biters snap at my Pit Bull and my dog almost maul the dog in retaliation, only to find myself getting most of the heat because I own a “Pit Bull” and the dogs who attacked my Pit Bull were small ankle biting type mongrels.

    Save yourself, your sanity and your dog and don’t go to dog parks.

    Rule of life: Ignorant people EXIST. Some of them OWN DOGS.

  • omg your NEIGHBORS!! im sorry. that’s what rich people who cant have kids do, they treat there Accessories as if they are their kids and to be honest you have to feel bad for them because they probably don’t have friends and all they have is dogs and money. i would say drop it you’d probably never see them again but they’re your neighbors… im REALLY sorry

  • Not only do people like that make the Chihuahua look bad, it makes all small dog owners look bad as well. And of course the aggression in those dogs are going to continue because they pick them up and coddle them whenever they do something wrong (like snap at your dog). And they probably know that you were right about their dog’s aggression, and so they lashed out on you and your dog. When people are given new information that contradicts theirs, they either shut up, listen, or lash out. 99% of the time the get upset, though.

    And new neighbors? Ouch, bad luck! But with you taking care of your dog, training him, socializing him, etc., you can show them how good dogs are *supposed* to act. And they could not sue a minor, even if your dog did bite theirs. You had witnesses coming up and defending you, and the judges would laugh your new neighbors right out of court!

  • I have a chihuahua and a staffy who is CGC certified. I trained them to be good on the leash, I know how you feel about small dogs being aggressive. Sarah my staffy always gets blamed when she barks at a small dog the owners threatening to get AC over to bring her to the shelter because she is “dangerous” Also my chi is training to be a service dog.

  • well first of all, taking a puppy (regardless of size) to a dog park is how you wreck a dog … lots of adult dogs have no time for puppies and will attack puppies … if you want to socialize your puppy, take it to obedience classes … and what is kinda funny is people go on and on about small dog syndrome, and you picking up your giant puppy was more detrimental than a couple chihuahuas out of control …

  • The dogs i had you don’t usually see at dog parks because of their reputations therefore it was simple i avoided em .

  • I’m with you! My bull terrier girl got attacked a lot by those little dogs… Cripes, what is with people..As she got older she got mean toward other dogs, can’t blame her… RIP.
    My boy now has NO clue about mean dogs, we live in a rural area… He thinks everyone and every animal loves him.. My job, is to protect him. Best to you and your little one.
    Oh maybe tell Animal Control to keep a lookout for the dogs/and owners. They will be loose again:(o.

  • LOL.
    Cool story bro.
    Sounds totally scripted.

  • I think the dogs should have face each other and fight too death LOL…..

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