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Why does my dog ​​lose weight?

Question Hi : Why does my dog ​​lose weight My dog ​​is losing weight husbands. I can not understand. Firstly, it is a 18 month old German Shepherd. It was two months ago (it was taken in Slovakia). At that time, he was 62 lbs. Yesterday the vet, he was 57 lbs. It is also a police dog, who has the time (it is still in “training”). The target weight for him is about £ 70.Parce it burns as many calories training, I was sneaking him extra food. My husband gave him exactly what he said on the bag of dog food (2 cups, or spoon), which is his trainer and vet say to do. I used to sneak him another ball of food and doggy cookies here and there. While at work, they teach him to “follow” with hot dogs, which he eats about a pound or two a day. Thus, the dog is not hungry. I think if I was not sneaking him extra, he probably would have lost even more wieght.Nous took him to the vet, had blood and stool samples taken, and everything comes back “normal”. No worms, no noise, nothing weird, it is not sick. He has a good appetite. He would never refuse food. It seems alive, active, otherwise normal. His coat is good, her gums look good. No diarrhea. No dehydration. It is normal.Le vet said that we should not worry until it drops to 50 lbs. For me, it’s just crazy … why should I wait so long? I prefer to deal with it before you get to this point. I mean, come on, he has already lost five pounds in six weeks. This seems to be enough for me to start worrying, especailly when it comes to putting on wieght.Toutes ideas what could be causing this? I’m not sure what the name of the group of dog food, it is activated, the service it provides, but I know that it is “rich in protein”. I just went to check the bag, but it is in the car (they are working), all I have is a huge plastic bin in the house that is filled with food. I remember the bag being bright yellow, if it is useful to tous.Meilleure response: Response

by Emmalyz
Wow. I understand your point, I would not wait unti he’s down to 50 pounds. Most bags of dog food suggested I see about four cups of food (both) for a dog’s weight. Siberian husky mix our 17 pound eat 2 1/2-3 cups per day excluding candy.

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  • it still seems bright and energetic, he has no worms or anything and hes eating normally, it looks like he just has a high metabolism, I would just worry if he starts vomiting or refuse his food, he looks healthy to me xxxxxx

  • what kind of dog food do you have him on? I suggest Purina Pro Hi-its high protein content, a dog needs active. Or any other type of dog food that is rich in protein. Make sure the ingredients are chicken as the main ingredient. It is amazing dogs high energy and weight gain did my German Shepherd. Good luck!

  • the dog is in training, surely his food should be increased from what it says on the bag, it’s like a soldier at full load in a much larger number for its burn calories, so they intake if necessary, your dog does the same kind of work as surely as its consumption should be more élevé.Je say that dropping another 3 pounds and insist that they re-look at food and the amount my pit is 75 kg and eats more than a day and is still very thin and full of muscles …… …. £ 50 for an Alsatian would be too low ……

  • Did they know the veterinarian hot dogs, because they are not a healthy choice for dogs, especially in large quantities. They have tons of preservatives and sodium. Feed more if you’re really worried about it, moving and training can be stressful for a dog that can cause weight loss. 2 cups does not seem to be enough. I have a dog who eats 58 pounds 3 cups a day and it has a reg restricted due to a heart problem, but it is still on the lean side.

  • Well, your dog should be done more if he just started training then it is fair to lose the fat that will soon turn into muscle. But it should be around 70 lbs. But it is more than 23 inches right? The only thing I can think of is the possibility that the mother had a higher than average number of puppies in the litter box.

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