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Why does she always compare herself to me and make her better?

Question by : Why does she always compare herself to me and make her better?

my cousin who is 19 .
im 17 .
everyone says she looks like a model .
everyone says that i look like america ferria as ugly betty ,asian amanda bynes , asian miley cyrus .
So i noticed , i recently got my first bf . she would always bag on him when he’s not there . Like she would say for instance his name is “bob” .
she’ll be like i dated a bob once too but mine was cuter and then we both got puppies and she’s like ” my puppy is cute and it’s potty trained ”
then she’ll say your boyfriend doesn’t have a nice body but my bf is buff .
then she’ll be like ” thats what you get for dating an emo . and she’ll be like ” how does it feel to date someone bi ? ” IF that was me it would be a turn off ” .
geeze I dont know what her issue is . if she looks like a model . her family is richer and isnt divorced or anything . the total opposite of mine then what is up ?
then she started singing this song that goes like this ” your new relationship isnt going to work out ” wtf ….
besides her looking like a model
she was head cheerleader .
homecoming queen .
pretty popular .
she was going to be prom queen but the teachers thought she should share the spotlight .
a lot of guys thinks she is hot .

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Answer by ♥Bluєziiє Bαybєєє♥
She is clearly insecure and jealous of you. There is something going on in her head that makes her self esteem low. Just ignore it, you are on the right track, she is not.

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  • Heh shes playing with your head bebe, dont let it get to you some people do this, shes trying to break you
    But hey, as long as your happy then whats the problem? im sure you have a very nice guy
    but a mean cousin ;p
    That or shes jealous lol

  • yeahh, she actually has a very low self esteem and needs constant reassurance that she is better than those around her (although she never really believes it). Try and not let it bother you, I would ignore her and be as nice and happy as pie around her. When she says something nasty about your boyfriend say something like ‘yeah he is not perfect, but I think he is really special and he is mine’ and then look really happy about it (that will annoy her because she wants to bring you down). pfft having model looks doesn’t make you a good or happy person.

  • Believe me i went through this crap in high school. (Oh wait, i’m still in high school..) XD
    Anyway, she’s incredibly insecure and may possibly be jealous of you.
    What you can do is to try and keep less contact with her, she sounds like a douchebag.
    And personally, you should ignore her silly opinions.
    Besides, whether she looks like a model or not, does not matter because her personality will surely push people away from her, aswell as give a bad impression.
    Good luck with whatever happens on the way on, just be happy that you’re not like her.

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