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Why does this dog wrap its mouth around my thigh?

Question by Eric: Why does this dog wrap its mouth around my thigh?

Backround: I take care of a Belgian Malinois each weekday, and sometimes on weekends. When I first began taking care of him (two months ago) he had been stuck in a 3 x 2 crate everyday, all day, except to go out to poop and pee. Naturally he had a bit of energy, but he was also a dominating, and aggressive dog. He bit his “brother” the second week he was here (it seems his brother initiated the fight) and than he attacked my dog Charlie puncturing his chest. Of course, after that he was only allowed to be around his “brother”. Anyways, after two or three months of vigorous exercise he eventually relaxed, and became a much better dog. The only thing that he does is that he turns his head to my body if I walk infront of him, and opens his mouth, but when I look at him he acts submissive. Sometimes, if I even feel anger he will lay down when I look at him (even if its directed at a thorn that pricked me)

TODAY: I was removing a combination of a tree/vine growth in a corner of my property when I was unable to pull a tree free of these thorns. In a joking way I told the Malinois to help me, and I put the tree in his mouth. He then proceeded to pull on it with me until it was free. I was impressed, and began to rake up the rest of the vines. As I am doing that I feel tension on my leg, and looked at my thigh at the Malinois dog just holding on to it. I tell him no, and as I begin raking again, he does it again, and again, and again. (Or trys to). So I stopped. As I walk back to the house this dog picks up the axe and pliers and carry them to the door for me. Any thoughts as to what he was doing with his mouth? He DOES nip if you force him to walk behind another human, but then sometimes hes totally fine with walking a foot behind you, or next to you. Any thoughts anyone? Please, don’t tell me to get a trainer, because it is not my dog. I have read books , and taken something from each book that enabled this dog to become more balanced, but he still does the wierdest things ( and I told the owner that he should get a trainer). Something else he does is when I am playing fetch sometimes, out of nowhere he will bite onto my arm, or hand, at the ball, but obviously not at it because he has never gotton it. He was “trained” as a K-9 protection dog, but it seems that he must of failed. Anyways, thanks in advance.
P.S. He has not had an violent moment since the day when he punctured my dog. (He is also not neutered for whatever reason, and no hes not being used to BYB hes just not neutered.)

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Answer by Jj
Ether it likes to suck on you or it hates you.

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  • The dog is obviously aggressive. I wouldn’t have anything to do with a dog that attacked Nudge. You need to tell the people you are not going to watch him anymore.

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