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Why is it considered safe to use a shock collar on a puppy, but not a small child?

Question by Stacey ? Why is it considered safe to use a shock collar on a puppy, but not a baby Just curious. . . . As toddlers, the puppies are often in trouble, need to be taught the differences between right and wrong, and need to be disciplined when they do wrong so they do not become spoiled. Puppies also feel good when they are rewarded for doing the right things, and it often makes “want” to reinforce good behavior so they continue to get good résultats.Tout as toddlers, the puppies are new in the world and curious about the experiences and environments, so they often make mistakes and need to be socialized within appropriées.En addition, as toddlers, a puppy in pain. If a child is zapped with electricity around his neck, he is immediately considered an abuse and the parent is severely reprimanded for his parenting inhumane procedures. With a puppy, he / she never grows up to become a crackhead, a successful lawyer, or someone who beats on his own children, so that we give little concern for how his / her answers or emotionally that the zaps are not reinforcing good behavior with positive results – it simply punishes steep so we did not have to “parent” will make good decisions that yield positive results. Nope. A dog is just in the garage, backyard, or in the kennel all day for the rest of his life anyway, so just as the shock keeps him / her in line ASAP, who cares how it feels .. . . or is it that we live in an extremely selfish society, where the only feelings that matter are those of our own species? What we call it? Speciescentrism, lol? One may wonder why engage in any aggressive or painful to animals is socially accepted, but would be an atrocity if used against a child or another human. Anyone who has already wear one of those shock collars on their necks to see what your point “training” techniques of printing? Maybe its time we look at how we treat our animals from a different approach. Maybe we should stop treating them as objects, and raise them in a similar way we do our own children. They are our responsibility and learn from our love and guidance, as our own children, after all. So I must ask: What are the deeply rooted ideologies that justify such behavior to something innocent like a little puppy, but not a small child? I’m just saying. . . . Thank you for your understanding, good and bad. The reason I mention this is because my friend had a puppy immediately and is already expecting it to be formed, so that it is using a shock collar as a panacea. When I commented on the use of positive reinforcement to train your puppy in the place, I was attacked by others who defend how “practical” shock collars sont.Meilleure response: Answer by michele

It is not appropriate to use a shock collar on any living being neither children nor the puppies. ~ Dr. B. ~

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  • It is not considered “safe” as long as “appropriate.” People try to confuse these two words in examples like the one you’ve done, in matters of morality évidentes.Il is neither safe nor appropriate to use a shock collar on puppies or small children. Both ships are home to a life of awareness, and the only reason why people use shock collars on puppies and not children because we believe we humans are intellectually, morally and consciously superior to any animal or to be on this planète.Tout the rest is “below” us and capable of being used as we deem them to be used, a child can hurt you in jail for many years with a label in your name that can haunt you for life while hurting a puppy is not even close to being as severe punishment. The puppies are no exception in our arrogant attitudes. Calling them “pets” even supports our idea of ​​superiority. Callers “companions” are following the right path, at least to a small extent and shallow.

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