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why is my 5yr old dog pooping in the house?

Question by : why is my 5yr old dog pooping in the house?

she never had any accidents, then in the past 6months or so she’s been pooping in the house…sometimes while we are home! we’ve tried scolding her, and light spanking on the bottom and nothing works. the one day she even pooped right in front of us! we tried “re-training” and that does’nt seem to help either. please help!

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Answer by antoinette
The keys to good housetraining include:

* Using a crate to prevent accidents and make it more likely that your pup will eliminate when you take her outside; and
* Rewarding your puppy handsomely whenever she does the right thing in the right place. Punishing your pup for mistakes can actually make housetraining harder.

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  • i don’t know why but maybe something in your house like new pet new kid new stuff, dog started peeing and pooping in the house and he never used too becuase we got a ferret and he eventlly stopped but everythime you catch her spray her with water and put her outside more often

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