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Why is my dog ​​suddenly bad?

question : Why is my dog ​​is ill suddenly We have a puggle that we had like a year and a half. When he was a puppy, he was pretty out of control (aggression food would not listen at all) so I worked with him a lot and he has since turned into a really good dog. But the last week or two I’ve noticed is that more space. Like last week we were out in the yard and he ran to the neighbors yard. We called him and he looked at us and continued! It did not take off, but my husband had to go all the way to their house and get it. He also always tries to eat the cat food and we yell at him and sprinkle with water. He used to be sneaky about it and wait until we left the room, and now he’s going to start eating right in front of us! Then yesterday we had company and when I opened the door, he ran outside. And I always make him sit and stay before he can come and eat but lately, it runs a little more, and sometimes it does not obey sit. But the thing that has me most was crazy this morning we ate and my 2 year old dropped his bagel on the floor. The dog ran to get it and I screamed NO! and he stopped, but when I got up to get it, he caught it in his mouth and began to run around the table from me! Which put into it? Absolutely nothing has changed at home. I always tell people what a dog he is good. Should I “re-train” him with his commandments He makes me so grumpy! Was nueteredRock Lobster, I wondered about this, because it reminds me of a rebellious teenager, yes, I know about Puggles. I own two pugs and beagles in the past. I do not care that they are “designer” dogs, I have one in particular because I like the features. know what I behaviors to expect, but my dog ​​has acted and now it is diffé I do not let him run loose outside. has a dog run. I’m not a response idiot.Meilleure :

Answer by Kelli H
A Puggle is a baby platypus, echidna otherwise known as a baby.

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  • I know you said there was no change at home, but there have been changes in its environment? Does it get less exercise / attention? Much of what contributes to “act up” is the result of pent-up energy.

  • you need to start training him again

  • he was castrated cos otherwise it would cause the most possible, because it is not a sexual age peaked. if not i highly suggest u get him, he helps stop dogs aggressive tendencies and that seems to be lost major changes in your chien.s he has been neutered the only thing I can think of is re-train and perhaps obedience classes? x-happiness

  • What happens is that your puppy is going through puberty. My boxer was incredibly well behaved until it reaches about 20 months – then all hell broke loose. He began to challenge us on all our orders started to become very protective towards those of us that knew not, and became very demanding. Your puppy becomes a man and he is testing you – time to tighten rênes.OUI – it’s like a rebellious teenager. It will calm down and take direction better as it matures (which will probably be after the age of 3 or 4) – but in the moment, you must show that you are still the boss and enhance training you already have in place. And if it does not seem the case – the limits more you give, the more love and respect you.

  • Did you do the training? It may be a matter of you lose your attention on him as he slowly began to be sneaky about it and discovered that it can get away with more now that it is just a walk notch. I would like to resume training. It won ‘t be a matter of teaching him again, just practice. In addition, intensify the exercise. sounds like it may need more stimulation.

  • Colleen, you know something about this race? I mean, I know it’s a designer dog, but do you know anything about a pug or a lighter, where the derivative Puggle? Well, you need to start there. First of all, everyone knows that a beagle or knows that food takes precedence over anything. And I mean anything. I am amazed that you let this little dog run without fenced area or boundaries. The Pug is not a runner, and can not go very far because of their size and breathing (nose). However, just a hint of the Beagle breed all your changes. Consider this Barack Obama, half white, half black, but the world sees only black. This is what a Puggle is. Looks like a pug, but it is really more like a lighter. Beagle and features are STRONG (sense of smell, very motivated by food). You might as well have a lighter. Got lucky on this point, but you might consider doing some research on the Beagle to understand your dog better. Remember, beagles are led by the nose, and nothing you can say or do will stop when they are fleeing something. Yes, they are good and obedient, but with a lead and a fenced area and no bagels on the floor. Please do some research so that you know your dog a little better, and it will be better for both of you. Merci.http :/ /

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