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Why is my puppy scared of soda cans?

horselady Question ? Why is my puppy scared of soda cans I have two cocker spaniels 2month old. The female cares about things, she is very sociable, almost a little hyper. The male is shy about things, and has more of a calm personality. The male, I found out is very afraid of soda cans, and I do not know why. At first I thought it would be the color – I tried different ones same reaction. I will hold and not move at a greater distance from him. First he barks frantically it. Then he very carefully scoots closer, he sniffs, proceeded by a quick jump back and bark. Why is it doing? Advice on how to “train” this silly fear of him? I hold the box, waiting patiently for him to come quietly and smell the box from all angles … tried .. so far, it is always peur.Meilleure response: Answer by Babygirl

It is probably

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  • It is probably still discovering the world and explore. Give em a chance.

  • Have you had them since they were babies? If they had a previous owner, maybe they had a bad experience involving soda cans with this owner. Maybe your dog just hate the sound of boxes faire.Mon dog is absolutely horrified to get wet. It is always difficult to give a bain.Et my cat hates things that make sounds ridées.Il might just be the sounds of boxes that do scare her, or it could be an association spent with them.

  • I’m not sure. My dog ​​is deadly afraid of hoses or cords of any kind. Perhaps the dogs are just weird lol

  • It could be the fact that popping noise which is to scare them.

  • He is probably afraid of the noise. Or maybe he’s allergic to pop? Or maybe the carbonation is one of his fears … I do not know. I would recommend seeing a vet.

  • Hmmm – sounds good as he is curious about it … Perhaps on another occasion some of you may have an open and go a little tarnished. Splash Mist. I think it is more fun then fear.

  • I thnick afraid of him, becase there Dasent now what it is becase is still a puppy

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