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Why keep my dog ​​had an accident? (Potty Training)?

Question : Why does my dog ​​keep having an accident? (Potty Training)? I read all the websites and take all the advice I can. I have a Pomeranian a year since I tried to potty train. I bought a case, like all the books say, and I’m doing everything I’m supposed to. I use puppy pads, and please, I do not wanna hear any negativity about using puppy pads, I have successfully trained several dogs to use pads puppy and I never had a problem with accidents or anything else. Regardless, I live in the city in an apartment upstairs, puppy pads are my only option. Anyway, she did pretty well (or so I thought). She goes days at a time when it only uses the puppy pad and has no accidents. Of course, then I give him more freedom, because she obviously knows where to potty now, right? Wrong. She is still having occasional accidents. When she does have an occasional accident, I basically start over, keeping its packed all the time, strict feeding schedule, and then BAM it’s like it snaps back into her head and she knows where to go, but then six or seven days later, after any accident, I turned to see pee on my carpet. I potty trained dogs before with no problems, it usually takes several weeks and then no problem, but I’m still having problems with my Pom after months of “re-training.” Does anyone have advice or ideas they can give me? I’ve had a few people answer that did nothing but scold me for using puppy pads. If you do not agree with the method puppy pad, then please, do not waste your time commenting. I live in a two-story apartment complex in the city, there is not much of an option, I prefer this method. I managed to use it before and plan to use it again. Other than that, thank you for the advice so far, I can use all the help I can obtenir.Je do not own any harm because I have a dog in an apartment complex and use puppy pads. Get a life. My dog ​​eats better food, becomes more than enough exercise, and receives the best care. Again, if you disagree with me using puppy pads, do not bother answering. Jeeze, some people are so ignorants.Meilleure response: Answer by Jenny

You’re relaxing too soon. Keep it on the strict diet for the next six mois.Tous toys are rather difficult to domesticate.

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  • Platelets puppy train a dog to go to the bathroom in the house. A better option is to take your dog outside to use the bathroom.

  • You can try using a “foil over spray” and spray it on areas where he peed it would be discouraged from doing so. If you see them about to do so quickly take them aside and when they are finished praise them. Do not forget to take them outside 1h and a half after they had their meals.

  • You train your dog to go inside and not outside? Well, you’re just setting it up for failure. Puppy pads are useless.

  • my 10 months old Chinese Crested and sometimes do. But its very rare and only when she is happy and excited. Sometimes, if she wants to pee, but can not get all the way to the beach and pees just halfway. I know she understands what she did was wrong and she looks at me apologetically. My new puppy, a poodle mix two months is now potty trained. Once we got her she peed everywhere. Then one day she saw the street, ran to him and pees. I greeted him and now she does all the temps.J have heard many people complain about Pomeranians and how they can not be domesticated. It’s a shame because they are adorable dogs.

  • I do not understand why people who live in apartments get dogs if they can not take them outside to do their puppy affaires.Patins are horrible … but his barricade (with a doggy door or the baby) in a room that has tile floors or linoleum when you can not watch it … put newspapers or those horrible pot blocks down so that the damage is easier to clean. (We did this with our Basset Hound puppy and after a few months, we did not have to keep in the kitchen) Guess all you need to do is continue to use the “teach puppies to pee in within the bearing for a little more time to make sure the puppy has had in his head that’s what she gotta do.

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