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Why my dog ​​is that?

Question Miss T .? Why my dog ​​does this It is a 3 year old Shih Tzu. Girlfriend of my father (who “potty trained” it) taught her to use puppy pads instead of going outside to use the bathroom. I recently started living by myself and my father and his girlfriend thought it would be a good idea if I should keep it. Recently, she will not shit on the pavement puppy. She pees on her, but she will not shit on it for some reason. J ‘I tried to remove and let her pee / poop outside, but it is near the door for half an hour so I take her back inside and goes straight to the beach puppy to pee and goes to a foot away from the shit on the floor. Why does she shit on the pavement puppy?!?!?! Another thing is, she (the last month) is the thing wee nervous. When she thinks she is in trouble, she peed. I never hit my dog. I did scold when she does something bad. It has been well all his life. It is only recently that she decided she pee when she thinks she is difficulté.Que should I do?!?!? Best answer: Answer by

! There no remedy for ignorance! call a veterinarian! Take
pads on, and get a box and setting it up and continue to leave on his skates should never be used, teaches the dog to use your house as a toilet

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  • The dog is confus.Retirez pads Pee.Emmenez-out ALL THE TIME! Praise when she goes potty outside – and give a treat if you souhaitez.En placing you pee pads on the floor you say it is allowed in the pot maison.Les dogs do not think the same way that we faisons.Si you inside when cash / her kennel. Until you take her outside again. It is subject pipi.Ne not make a big deal when she does – she can not help. It shows you that you are the boss. Its strange that it just started to do at this age.

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