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Why my yorkies so difficult to potty train?

question Princess123ABC : Why my yorkies so difficult to potty train I know they say “the Yorkie is one of the most difficult dogs to train” .. . but this is not an excuse, all dogs must be trained to somehow use the bathroom OUTSIDE correctly, but mine just will not! I have a 1 year and one month to 8 years. When we only had one year only, she was still learning, but I was not too hard of a time, some accidents. But we got the second and for any reason, the two are so difficult to potty train! We take out all the time! We tried treats a “good job” … nothing seems to work! I find myself cleaning up after them every day in my house??? (And I’m so sick that I can not pee when we are out, they use the bathroom, but they do not know DO NOT use the bathroom inside … even if I have tried to scold. HELP! “/ Anyone know stuff?? Thank you! Best answer: Response

by New England girl
paws who can not tell the difference from the grass and tapis.Ils are adorable, but the problem you are experiencing is the # 1 – # 100 why I do not have a carpet ask un.Nous back into a room where there never was before and my mother 13 years old little dog thought it was his personal pot and the vet said she did not know the difference between that and the grass . Roll the carpet and piss off.

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  • go to your local pet store and buy them something puppy potty training sheet like that! it works! I tried. which should help and when they pee or poop in the house and not on the sheet of potty training bring them to the pot leaf and let them pee here! once they are they always give them some treats! , D good luck!

  • Tips: 1. Wake up at 6am. Take the dog outside. Wait until he pees. Lots of praise, treats spéciales.2. Feeding breakfast chien.3. Few hours (1-2) thereafter, take dog out for a walk or a run. Must pee and / or poop before returning inside. Praise and treats. Each fois.4. Playtime outside. Many elles.5. Dinner around 6pm. Take out 1-2 hours later, you have to pee or poop again. For a walk or take a walk in the jardin.6. Walking the dog just before going to lit.Placez in a crate for the night. Repeat the list until it clicks. You do not mention what your day looks like. You work at home or elsewhere? If at home, keep dogs on a leash to your belt as you do chores / sit at the table. In this way, you can still see them. If they start to sniff or pace or whine, take them out and disinfect immédiatement.Nettoyer where bleach where they pee / poop before. They can still feel the traces and will return when they need to … is soulager.Il may take several weeks / months. Do not give up.

  • No dog is easy to train. It is not a matter of race. You do not get often enough. Every hour or two. I think the dogs, even in adulthood, need to go potty every two hours, while larger dogs can hold it longer.

  • formersortir leash must say pot, praise, récompenselâcher of jouergarder leash in the house, make sure you rendrecaisse when you can not monitor

  • I think a big problem is that they are in the habit of peeing in the house already, so it is difficult to break it. They are really not understand that this is wrong, because they did it for a while. I know a big problem with my boyfriend teacup chihuahua is that her pee was such a tiny puddle that most of the time when he pees in the house, my friend did not notice (my friend is not very attentive). Since my friend had not even noticed that his dog was peeing in the house, the dog had absolutely no idea what was wrong. My friend still thinks his dog is house broken, but I go there a lot, and whenever I do, I take the dog pee in the house, and I noticed tiny puddles in different pièces.Donc I think this is the problem with small breeds in general. They pee so tiny and fast, they draw so often and do not understand that it is wrong. I think the best way to train is to keep an eye on them every second they are in the house, so you know for sure if they potty in the house. The best thing to do would be to keep them in a box, because they are not potty there, and then take them outside the box to pot. After they leave, you can leave them out of the house for a while, but you should keep an eye on them. If you do something and you can not be watching them closely, place them either in the body or outside. If when you look inside, they pee, grab them and take them just outside. Finally, they will begin to associate with peeing outside. Hope this helps.

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