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Will I make my dog aggressive if I use a shock collar?

I have a 75 pound pit mix. He is fully trained, except for when we got for walks. He gets excited (happy/wants to play) when he sees other dogs and doesn’t respond to my corrections. He usually pulls me very hard, and could pull me into oncoming traffic if he wanted to. If the person walking their dog sees me and my huge dog pulling they usually get very scared due to his appearance. This sometimes results in screaming and hysterical behavior on the other person’s part. He also wants to eat little animals so walking him at night can result in an encounter with a skunk or raccoon. I try to hold strong and keep him in heel position, but he gets into the red zone so fast that I lose complete control. I want to use a shock collar to get him to listen to me during walks. Will he become aggressive in the future due to me using the shock collar to keep him under control? Is it cruel and unusal to use this type of collar under any circumstance?
i’m working with a certified trainer.
this is last resort. I already use a prong….

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  • The shock collar won’t make him aggressive. But you need to learn to use it properly. Read the book, or watch the video that comes w/ the collar.. Don’t just put the collar on and start snapping him.. Learn to use it correctly.. Don’t use a shock collar on a dog under 6 mos.. I personally wouldn’t use one on a dog under a year of age.

    Oh come on.. He is talking about a 75 lb dog aggressive pitbull mix that is going after small animals.. He is not talking about using a shock collar on a fluffy foo foo dog.. I believe he is being more responsible trying to take care of this properly swiftly and properly rather than snapping choke chains trying to keep this dog under control. YOU want to be standing there when the chain snaps and the dog is chasing down your dog? Or would you rather see him train the dog and have him under control, correct the problem so YOU don’t need to worry about his dog coming after yours.. The Halti and all those type things are not going to stop this dog from chasing down small animals.. If the shock collar was truly abusive, would it be so widely used BY PROFESSIONALS ( Greekman ) and would it be legal??? NO..

  • No I really dont think so
    I know lots of dogs with shock collars and they are so nice and loving

  • would you get aggressive and angry with me if I put something on your neck that send an electric shock through your body everytime you moved or made noise?

  • i heard dat using a shock collor can kill a dog but im not sure!!! maybe you should ask your vet!!!

  • I hope it will make him aggressive, because you’d deserve it for using a shock collar on him.

  • omg why would u do that
    u should never use some thing like that that’s like putting a 5 year old in a shock collar cuz they wont listen
    yes i would say its cruel
    i would say its a definate possabilaty that he could become agrressive, that or he’ll just be really shakey and scared all the time.

  • I believe personally it is cruel to use a shock collar under any circumstances.


    (I will defer to the professionals however)

  • WHHHHAAAT u cant be so cruel.Hes only a dog.For myself i have a pug and i want him to live a happy life.I let him free and he really listens to me.Hes realy playful.I love my dog and i would never hurt him or his feelings

  • I would use a shock collar or a choke chain choke chains are very effective and teach the dogs not to pull and it doesn’t hurt them but i would use it as a second choice to the shock collar.

  • A shock collar is a torture device that george w. bush and adolph hitler would be proud of.


  • DON’T YOU’LL HURT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cruel, but not unusual and he might do 1 of 2: become aggressive or become very shy and unhappy

  • Use a choke chain. But don’t overuse it. By that I mean, only use when when your walking your dog.

  • well actually no wut makes a dog aggressive is to tackle him make him mad and furiuos if u want to make it aggressive.

  • No. You need a shock collar and it should be a powerful one at that. those dogs will suddenly attack and child and tear their throats in one sudden lunge. they lay in a bloody puddle of blood and then what do you do? PRISON?

  • Short answer is yes – and yes it is cruel.

    A psychotic aggressive dog you will create.

    Do us all a favor including your dog by attending dog training classes.

    PS If you are already working with a professional trainer I think maybe they not good with handling you or your dog. Did you ever think to ask the trainer or the vet.

  • No, shock collars should not make your dog aggressive.

    However, it has been my experience that shock collars really shouldn’t be used by amateurs. It is much easier to damage a dog with a shock collar than with another method of correction. I’m not telling you not to do it, but I think you should be aware of the possible risks so you can work to avoid it.

    I actually read about this situation in a gun dog magazine and I think it well illustrates what can happen if a person who doesn’t know what he’s doing has a way to correct their dog from a distance.

    So, a trainer decides he wants to teach his dog to come. He gets a shock collar. Yells at the dog "come." The dog has never been taught what this means, so he just does his thing. The owner shocks him. The dog says, "Wow! That hurt! Where did that come from?" While he’s figuring this out, the owner shocks the dog again. The dog either runs off wildly in fear, or else runs to the owner for comfort. In the latter case, the owner says "Wow it worked." Did the owner teach the dog to come? No, he taught him to be scared to death and not leave his owner’s side lest he be shocked.

    Good dog training is about timing. But in most cases, if you mis-time your click (of a clicker) or mis-time the snap of your leash, it won’t seriously damage your dog. It can with a shock collar.

    I think it’s great that you’re working with a professional trainer. I would definitely enlist his or her help to make sure that you’re doing it correctly. In fact, it might be easier if the trainer controlled the shock. It sounds like it’s already quite a bit of work hanging on to the end of your leash.

    ADD: A lot of people on here suggest choke collars. This will not stop a dog from pulling and will hurt him as he pulls harder and it tightens harder. Use a choke collar for training, but not for walking, especially with a dog that pulls really hard. Instead, use a no-pull harness, head halter or prong collar. None of these will choke the dog and potentially damage his trachea as he pulls.

    ADD: Those of you anti-shock collar, pro-Cesar Millan, watch Cesar a bit more closely. You’ll notice occasionally dogs wearing a shock collar! Gasp!

  • No, it wouldn’t make him more aggressive. They r used quite often by professional dog trainers to teach the dog not to pull.

  • Do NOT get a shock collar. With the right guidance there is no need for it and in my opinion, however small the shock, this is cruel. Think of it this way. If you were living in a country where you understood no-one because they were speaking a different language, would you rather have a shock collar on you for someone to tell you that you are doing something wrong or would you rather they tried a different approach with letting you know you are doing wrong? My point exactly (I am presuming you went for the other option, not the shock collar)

    There are ways you can train the dog. Unfortunatley, even though I have had a bull mastif which is quite a bit larger than your dog, training I have done has worked first time. Maybe find out a cheap "pet school" or obedience class you can take your dog to. Ask if you can do group lessons as this is where your dog seems to have trouble.

    Apart from that, on this occasion I can’t think of anything else that you possibly wouldn’t have tried already.

    Hope this helps !!!

  • Well I say only use the colar in a last resort situation. Because of course no dog likes to be shocked! There are some ways, however, to train you dog to be better on walks.

    When you take your dog on a walk you have to make shure you are assertive and confident, because if you do not show that you are confident your dog will take the role as being the leader, and will go into the red-zone mode, trying to protect you. Ways you can do this is stand up straigth and hold the leash in a calm relaxed way, and when your dog starts to pull, just give a quick tug on the leash.

    When you come into a situation where you see other dogs, you have to catch your dog before he goes into the red-zone. This means with his ears perk up, pull his leash and give him and quick push back on his chest, and he will know not to pull you foward. You have to be very alert for situations like this, because dogs can go into the re-zone quickly.

    As I said a shock collar is a last resort and, makes matters worse with some dogs. I would look into getting maybe a simple choke colloar, that works really well with my dog!

    Hope this helped!

  • Thats mean. I don’t think dogs deserve to have a shock collar. How would you like it if you got shocked every time you talked?

  • Yes it could cause your dog to get violent because this is something harsh..or it could cause an unexpected reaction.I think you should try another method first like those choke collars that lay flat while the dog is walking with you but if the dog tries to run off the spikes*which wont hurt the dog,stand and kind of poke into the neck of the dog,it makes them uncomfortable and he will stop being aggressive.Try this a couple of times and your dog will get the message and obey you.Its not harsh so dont worry

  • I doubt it, if properly used. However I would suggest a pinch training collar or head collar, before you use a shock collar. We had a 95lb Chesapeake bay retriever and he LOVED to go after everything. We tried a choke chain and that didn’t really work, so we first got a head collar which worked very well for walks, but for training we used the pinch collar. He was a wonderful dog after that.

  • Shock collars are inhumane and animal cruelty. How would you like it if every time you tried to talk to other people you would get shocked. And yes shock collars DO make a dog alot more aggresive. Why wouldn’t it? I can’t talk so I will use my actions. Don’t do it!

  • Well i would Never use a shock collar on a dog because #1 it may make the dog aggressive and #2 it’s just plain cruel. there are some other collars called… i think a bark collar and it lets out a sound that only dogs can hear that realy bugs them and stops them from barking ect. why don’t you try googleing it.

  • A shock collar can increase his titration level and result in slightly more aggressive behavior. Pinch collars will do the same. I don’t use anyting other than a leash, collar, and choke chain for correcting a dog and I have yet to find a dog that needs anythign more. Do you have him on a choke chain? Is the choke chain thin or thick? You always want to use the thinnest chain possible because it applies more of a correction. When he pulls step into it and give a quick, sharp, pop on the leash while commanding "no." Then you can pair it with another command such as leave it and continue walking. You can practice this at home with a toy as well. It’s always more productive if the dog knows the correction is coming from you. Dogs are not stupid and they will associate different things such as the shock collar giving the correction. The dog could ignore any commands when the shock collar is not on and the ultimate goal is to have complete voice control over your dog with as little physical corrections necessary. If you can find a place to socialize your dog I would recommend it just so that he can get it out of his system every now and then. Also, make sure he is using up his energy. Get him active so that he doesn’t have a bunch of excess built up energy that drives him to pull so hard.


    An Electric collar is a very useful training device. I have used them extensively and have never had a dog become aggressive because of one. As a matter of fact, I have cured dogs of aggression with the use of one. Please, do not listen to people who have no idea what an Electric collar is and think it is a torture device. I have trained hundreds of fogd on one and I can tell you that I have gotten the best results with it. Read that entire article and then decide if you need or can use one for your dog. I know for a fact that if you do it right, it will stop the behaviors you do not want to see. Good luck.

    ADD: DP, you are trying to get them to think, something that is impossible here. Most of these people would rather see a dog hit by a car, maul 8 people to death and run amock in the neighborhood, rather then get a good correction that may stop that behavior. I gave up a long time a go in trying to get through to them.

  • Shock collars really should be removed from the publics access! There are alternate routes to training your dog’s behaviors. First you may want to consider working with the dog with a food/clicker training technique. keep a hot dog or favorite treat in the hand of the leash and a clicker in the other hand. The minute you spot trouble distract him with a click/treat combo. Hopefully he will be more interested in your treat then the other dog. continue to click and treat as you walk past the other dog. This is an easy route for a less aggressive natured dog. but it sounds like your baby is pretty ruthless. So you may want to try a prong collar. They look horrible but it is the same effect that mama dog has on her baby’s in the litter. it is a pressure around the whole neck instead of the old fashion chokers that only put pressure on the esophagus that can cause a fracture of the esophagus. Bad news. when using a prong collar at the sign of the aggressive behavior give a stern NO and then a firm tug and release on the collar..unlike a choker, he will not gag and hack from the pressure just look at you as if you want his attention.
    Another route will be to go along with the prong collar and introduce a citronella bark collar. this is a self correction collar that when he barks he will get a mist of citronella under his chin and react again by looking at you as he had done something wrong. I think these collars are the BEST when ti comes to aggressiveness and barking!! sound collars are great, but don’t give enough to stop an aggressive/barking dog.
    Also, i know you want to give the best you can to your dog and give him his walks but along with the collar options you can include the same thing that we do to our children. If Rover can’t behave on the walk immediately begin to turn back around. with a harsh NO and turn him around and start walking back. this is a reaction from him of "hey how come we are not walking?" Dogs work best on emotional discipline then physical. A firm NO is more effective then a physical discipline!
    I despise shock collars but I do understand and respect your need to settle your dog down. You may want to try the cheaper prong or the citronella collar. I would only use a shock as a LAST resort.

  • I’ve never used a shock collar but I have used a prong collar. While I wouldn’t use either collar indiscriminately, in your case I would think it’s not a bad idea. The only caution is that they must be used correctly, so be careful. I’d consider a prong collar first.

    Nat you are already using a prong? I’m sorry but I think it may be a case where you’re not using it correctly if your dog isn’t responding. Trust me, when used correctly it works. Try to find a trainer to show you how to use it. Any trainers in your area working on protection, schutzhund, or police dog training? THEY will know how to use it properly and I’m sure wouldn’t mind answering a simple question like that.

    P.S. I should add that once a dog fully understands a command and is just not following the command then it IS time to use sharper corrections in a no nonsense manner. I’ve had Rotties so I fully understand. You simply cannot have a dog that won’t follow would be irresponsible. If you’ve already tried a prong collar and you’re really using it correctly, then I’d consider a shock collar. I’m of the opinion prong collars are as far as I’d go because I’ve never seen a dog that doesn’t respond to them, even a full grown Rott. But I did learn to use them correctly from trainers such as the ones I mentioned…so I can’t answer for you. I’m going on my own personal opinion and experience.

  • I’ve taught obedience for 30+ years. Unfortunately, there is NO control over someone saying that they are a CERTIFIED dog trainer. There are a couple of groups, but there is very LITTLE control. I don’t mean to disparage your instructor, but I’d be cautious about "certification" meaning anything.

    You say that your dog is FULLY TRAINED, but . . .

    Guess what? If you are having these types of issues, your dog isn’t fully trained.

    Not that I would ever do it, but I could walk either of my dogs down a major thoroughfare without a leash and not have to worry. THEY are fully trained.

    Given what is going on, and the fact that you say you are going to a trainer, my guess is one of two things is going on.

    Either YOU aren’t training the dog well enough, OR your TRAINER isn’t good enough. Just because someone calls themself a trainer, doesn’t mean much. Some people train ONE dog and all of a sudden think that they’re a trainer.

    Are there situations where a shock collar can be used because other methods won’t work? Yes. Example hunting dogs where the dog is 1/2 mile away from you. If you can’t teach this dog what to do with a leash and collar, you’re not going to be any more successful with a shock collar.

  • Your dog isn’t fully trained, if he was he wouldn’t misbehave in the way you are saying.
    I would never use a shock collar for any reason, how about you wearing it and every time you do something your partner / friends or kids didn’t like you get zapped! you’d soon change your mind

    also shock collars and prong collars are in the process of being banned here in the UK. This info i got from the KC website

    Political Progress To Ban Electric Shock Collars

    The pace is gathering in the world of politics for a ban on electric shock collars as the Kennel Club’s most prominent current campaign reaches a new high.

    Labour MP for Portsmouth North, Sarah McCarthy-Fry, has readily taken up the opportunity to propose a ban on electric shock training devices since recently being approached by the Kennel Club. By tabling it in a Private Member’s Bill, it has now been put high on the political agenda for this Parliamentary session.

    Sarah McCarthy-Fry’s decision to introduce the subject of the cruelty of electric shock collars and propose it in a Private Member’s Bill entitled ‘Electric Shock Training Devices Bill’ is a milestone in the campaign. Each year a ballot is held at the start of the session and the twenty MPs whose names come out top are allowed to introduce legislation on a subject of their choice. Her support is invaluable, "I have a seven year old dog called Dudley. He is a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Lancashire Heeler. I cannot imagine using an electric shock collar on him. These collars are barbaric; they train dogs to respond out of fear rather than a natural willingness to behave and are entirely unnecessary. Considering the vast array of positive training methods that exist, it seems to me that there is absolutely no need to use an electric shock collar and I hope Members of Parliament on all sides will support my Bill and introduce a ban."

    The Kennel Club is now eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Private Member’s Bill. This political positioning will give the proposal for a ban the best chance of gaining further strong cross party support, increasing its chance of becoming law.

    Further strengthening the Bill’s popularity and attention is the co-sponsorship of other MPs including Conservative MPs – Tony Baldry MP for Banbury, Roger Gale MP for North Thanet, and John Whittingdale MP for Maldon & Chelmsford East as well as Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South, Mike Hancock

    Roger Gale MP said: “The Kennel Club demonstrated the electric shock collar training device at the Conservative Party Conference and it brought it home to me and my parliamentary colleagues who experienced its power, just how unpleasant these things really are.”

    Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary: “The Kennel Club is delighted that Sarah McCarthy-Fry has agreed to put down her Bill on electric shock training devices and that this has cross party support. We hope that this will put further pressure on DEFRA to completely ban the sale and use of these cruel training devices.”


    Private Members Bill – Individual Members of Parliament (sometimes referred to as Private Members), have the power to introduce their own legislation under the Private Member’s Bill procedure.

    The Bill does not include perimeter fencing, just training devices used on companion animals in the home or a device from which an animal cannot escape from.

    The short title of the Bill is: ‘Electric Shock Training Devices’. The long title is: ‘a Bill to prohibit the sale, manufacture, hire, loan, importation or use of electric shock training devices; and for connected purposes

    It is ordered to be read a Second time on Friday 2 February.

    Sponsors of the Bill include: David Drew MP, Tony Baldry MP, Mike Hancock MP, Lyn Brown MP, Roger Gale MP, Diana Johnson MP, John Whittingdale MP, Lynda Waltho MP, David Anderson MP, Andrew Gwynne MP and Laura Moffat MP

    1 it bloody hurts (Bo**ox to the people who say they don’t, i’ve had one on my leg for a demonstration)
    2 they are inhumane
    3 they are cruel

    just go and ask for a demonstration (round your arm or on your calf) at your local retailer, and ask them to zap you once on each setting

    if you must use a remote collar of some sort use a citronella scented spray collar, they are harmless and work just as effectively as long as the instructions are followed,
    but it seems like your just into hurting your dog as you "already use a prong" so the next logical step for you is the shock collar,

    Sad sad world we live in

  • All of that is very normal. Pit bulls are easily excited and take longer than most breeds to calm down. I do understand that you are concerned for your dogs safety. You need to be able to show your dog who is boss without relying on outside sources. Your dog needs to respect you as his leader. Dogs are so easily trained but it really does require time and effort on YOUR part.

    Shock collars produce a short but painful electric shock that can be repeated and lengthened during prolonged and/or persistent barking. Objective tests of their effectiveness demonstrate varied results, however. As with prong collars, any dog requiring one would probably benefit more from careful, professional help.

    At times quick fixes are tempting and have their place – until they become substitutes for more beneficial (both to trainer and dog) long-term training. Investing the time to learn to get the attention of your dog and compliance without excessive reliance on control devices is always better. The end result is a saner owner and happier dog.

    You should watch the dog whisperer. Taking your dog for nice long walks and giving the attention that he needs will do wonders and make him respect you more.

  • First, this is for the "bunny huggers"
    "there is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation."
    Herbert Spencer

    For some reason people either think that the electric collar is some sort of magic wand or some sort of torture device. In reality neither is true. When using an electric collar it is important that a correction is matched in intensity to the correction that the dog is already use to from it’s normal collar/leash, otherwise one of the two will loose it’s meaning.
    Just as a "pop" and not a drag/pull is correct with a normal collar/leash, holding the button down on an electric collar is also incorrect, and will have the same undesirable affect.

    In the hands of someone with no experience an electric collar can do more harm than good, but the same is true of any training device.
    An electric collar is no different than any other collar/leash, except that it is one mile long, and it is used exactly like any other collar/leash. So,,, unless your dog is to far away for you to be using a normal collar and leash, there is absolutely nothing that an electric collar can accomplish that can’t be accomplished conventionally.

    Oh, and perhaps your dog isn’t fully trained quite good enough.

  • You are nuts. I hope the first victim of your criminal negligence sues you for everything you own.
    People keep dogs like that as weapons, but my pistol won’t go next door and bite the neighbors kid.
    You are a danger to yourself and everyone around you.

  • Studies have shown elevated levels of cortisol when shock collars are used, indicated stress. The problem with using a shock collar under these conditions is the dog can start associating the shocks with what he is looking at, in this case, other dogs. You can get him to suppress his behavior, thus getting what you want, but if a trigger is strong enough to cause this suppression to be overcome, the dog will be even more aggressive.

    I was bitten by such a dog that was so beautifully trained by these methods.

    First, forget that Cesar Millan nonsense, it won’t serve you and he really isn’t a doggie "psychologist", he’s just a former illegal alien who went to Hollywood and turned a way with dogs into millions of dollars for doing the same old force based training that has been discredited by scientists for years.

  • I’m not a trainer, but I did want to point out that the prey drive your dog is exhibiting towards "small animals" could easily be transfered to children. I personally wouldn’t have the dog because it would be euthanized. I just wouldn’t take chances with strong dogs like that.
    So, if you do choose to use a shock collar, don’t feel guilty. This might be the only option you have before euthanasia or before the dog "hunts" a small child with that prey drive. Using a shock collar will possibly be saving the dog’s life or a child’s life.

  • Call cesar millan. ANd yes it is cruel and can seriously injure the dog. Hes doing natural pit bull things, NOT MEANING HES AGGRESSIVE. Hes being a natural untrained pit bull. Pit bulls were bred to kill other animals of there size and smaller, and even sometimes much bigger, like BULLS. They are not human aggressive. But i think that the Professional as you call him, needs to find a new job and i think YOU need to find a new trainer. Good luck and pit bulls are great….

    EDIT: P.S. do NOT listen to greekman. You have to have an understanding of animals in which greekman DOES NOT.

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