Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Wireless fence system by PetSafe System – Best Price on Petsafe PIF 300

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  • You have what is commonly referred as a “partial” break. Yes this will be found. Please call me with any additional vragen.Dennis 509-991-0385

  • cool thanks! I did some testing with a meter and it seems that my thread is not broken, but just corroded somewhere (I found much resistance in the wire). This locator will help you like? The fence is still a bit about 6 inches no matter what setting I should, but my dogs neck is about one meter above the ground! Thanks for the help!

  • A recent upgrade to the locator now makes it possible to place as far as 3000 ‘in a single direction. Since you can locate in either direction from the source that would effectively amount to 6000 meters from the wire. Also because the device is fully self-contained, you can actually take it out along the perimeter and cut into your wire and connect it halfway to your system if necessary.

  • When you say 1000 ft means that 1000 meters of wire or 1000 ft mean distance from the transmitter in the desired direction? What happens if I need a greater distance to go? Thanks for the vid!

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