Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet


Wire Master Mole, by Brown Products, Inc., is a lightweight machine designed to invisible dog fencing installed in easy operation. It digs a trench of 2 “-4” deep, install the wire at the bottom of the slot, the slot and includes – simultaneously with a minimum of disturbance peat. For more information on these and other products, please visit

This clip shows how you can quickly and easily replace a battery in Invisible Fence ® brand collars. To replace collar batteries, please visit,

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  • Google exactly these words, and the first non-profit ad will show you how the battery in this place “power cap.” The battery is as standard as a double or triple A, and very cheap! You’ll have to pay something like a buck per cap, as opposed to $ 13 – $ 17 from Invisible Fence! These are the words: DIY Invisible Fence battery

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