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Yorkie puppy potty training

Yorkie Puppy Potty Training

professional trainers opt for methods of crate training while training yorkshire puppy for cleanliness. This means that you limit your puppy in the crate whenever you will not be able to watch, then for short periods. But your puppy needs to be taken every 45 minutes or an hour to clean. Thus, at each time interval, you should take your puppy out of the house at the same location in the yard. And this puppy will try to make their dining and sleeping area clean according to their instinct. So, crate training can be the right way to properly train your puppy for cleanliness.

If you like to play and interact with the dog, your dog will be relieved to be out of the cage. The Yorkie puppy will circle round and sniff search of the place of pot when he needs to go. You must understand the instinct and get him out of their place of pot.

You can monitor your dog to learn their body language. You can watch them closely when your Yorkie wakes up as soon as he finishes his meal, after the sessions before bedtime, and, of course, after you take them out of the box. Never let your puppy run lose when you can not watch them. Each time they go to the potty at the precise spot, they are taught to go to potty in the same place all the time. This is what called consistency.

Get your dog trained to paper when you are away for longer. You can put your dog’s crate inside the exercise pen with the door open or close either. Put newspaper inside the exercise pen with food and water available. Your Yorkie gets used with the paper every time you are not around. After a few weeks to reduce the area covered with newspaper.

This way, your puppy will get used to paper yorkie potty training and they will usually pot paper, even when there is only one sheet of paper.

Pen home exercise is home for your yorkie puppy when you are not at home. You can place this year on the pen where you want your dog to do his potty permanently. Now place the yorkie in the pen and watch from afar. This process will help their business in the right place faster than when it is on a leash or running loose.

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