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Yuki the Corgi Puppy Training Session / コーギー の 練習 (Corgi – 12 weeks)

My cute corgi puppy Yuki and shake hands trick! He kept looking at me cutely with his cute little paw on my hand! Video Rating: 5/5

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  • I got him when he was 10 weeks old. So I pretty much trained him from there. In this video he is 12 weeks old. Corgis are pretty smart and easy to train =) And I believe that the treats I used when he was a puppy Wellness Well Bites soft chews. I could easily break them into small pieces to give to him so he would not eat too much.

  • at what age did you start training him? and give him a treat?

  • My boy is 8 weeks and he is certainly not this smart hope its as yours soon.

  • Great training and such a beautiful little boy!

  • Yes! I teach myself Yuki! Or at least I try my best! Lately I have not had new videos, because I ran out of ideas on what tricks to teach him all (- 😉

  • yuki is very smart! youll be able to teach him soo much!

  • You learn it by urself? : O how do you do! I want to train my dog

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