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Zhuhai effort to break the “general supplies are not common,” the storm – general supplies

Zhuhai effort to break the “general supplies are not common,” the storm – general supplies

9 pm, the Zhuhai Municipal Government hosted the city’s printing procurement center Consumables Government procurement business forum, with three strong measures to assist enterprises to develop the Government market, to actively respond to the global financial crisis, the impact to the enterprise.

Government procurement need to break the “universal Consumables Not common “dilemma

It is understood that the third batch of Industrial Clusters in Guangdong Province has baked demonstration area, the city’s printing supplies industry cluster angry. But the face of financial crisis and the world’s major Printer Brands malicious suppression, Zhuhai supplies industry facing a grim situation, how Baotuan heating off “winter” has become a major issue facing the industry present.

Official said the city government as a procurement center ” Office Equipment and supplies “supplier agreement Tender Organization and implementation of institutions, beginning in the tender determined to break the “general supplies are not common,” the dilemma, not only to make Zhuhai general supplies companies can at the gates of “elated” better development space, but also to provide “price Lian Wumart “of printing supplies for select units, to reduce office costs and ensure that” winter “period the government to cut expenditure, effectively saving funds.

In yesterday’s forum, to-day Weifei Ma, Chu Hainasida and other “leading” the Zhuhai-based printing supplies more than ten companies on how to further develop and expand printing supplies industry, in government procurement market to play a greater As the various opinions and suggestions put forward.

Supplies a separate sub-tender, no longer attached to the machine

Center for Government Procurement, said the financial crisis to help large enterprises to develop market supplies, the city of “supplies” from the printer and Duplicator Class Project stripping, as a separate group included in the tender package scope.

This means that the procurement unit of choice in supplies with more freedom, not take it for granted, “what brand of machine, on what brand of supplies”, self-owned brand has more room for supplies, the price after-sales service and so has more significant advantages. With the Government the relevant provisions of the budget preparation, use the price under the same conditions more favorable general supplies must be in the future development trend of government procurement. Implementation of the “reporting system compatible printer supplies”

In addition, government procurement has also requested all office printing equipment manufacturers (including printers, Fax machine , Copy print One machine Etc.), on the production machine supplies brand compatibility of declarations. Companies can declare “The brand can only be made exclusive use of our supplies,” you can declare, “In addition to the company manufactured the brand special supplies, but also can support the prevailing industry standard printing supplies meet the general class of supplies,” as the product instructions to purchase units of publicity. Declaration of the former manufacturer may not support the general supplies for the loss of market share in government procurement; declaration of the latter, the warranty statement may not have “caused by using non-original consumables malfunction is not within the scope of the warranty” clause. Indirectly by way of a voluntary declaration to eliminate the printer manufacturer’s “warranty of discrimination.”

Order to eliminate the foreign giants to block the printer consumables industry in China’s so-called universal industry standards or technical specifications, the city still in office consumables Supply of tender documents in the related industry to introduce a common standard as the assessment basis, energy-saving environmental protection and reducing the financial burden of consumers as the standard to help companies break through the bottleneck.

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